Where can I spend my Eco-cheques in Belgium?

Where can I spend my Eco-cheques in Belgium?

Eco-cheques are an initiative of the Belgian government to promote responsible consumption. For employees lucky enough to receive them from their employer and self-employed people who offer them to themselves, it’s a great opportunity to discover organic and environmentally-friendly products manufactured to the strictest standards under nationally and internationally recognised certifications.

If you’re lucky enough to receive ecocheques from your employer, you may be wondering how to use them in Belgium.

Have you been receiving eco-vouchers for years? Have you already bought 4 bikes and filled 2 vegetable gardens? Good news! Kalani-home.com is one of the very first e-shops to have been authorised by the government and cheque issuers to accept eco-cheques as a means of payment on its online shop. Why is this? Because our shop offers an exclusive range of ecological products certified GOTS by ECOCERT Greenlife (N°163195). This guarantees the quality of GOTS-certified organic cotton products, eliminating any doubts about certification and the origin of materials.

It’s the perfect opportunity to give yourself a great gift with these eco-vouchers. Here are a few gift ideas you can find on the Kalani-home e-shop:
– Incredibly soft bed linen in GOTS and Fairtrade certified organic cotton,
– Extra-soft bath linen in GOTS-certified organic cotton,
– Comfortable loungewear in GOTS-certified organic cotton.

Which cheques are accepted on the Kalani online shop?

Pay with your eco vouchers, consumption vouchers (Purchasing power premium) or gift vouchers:


Edenred: you can pay with your Edenred Eco (formerly Edenred Ticket Ecocheques), your Edenred Conso (formerly Edenred Ticket Consumption) and your Edenred Cadeaux (Edenred Ticket Compliments),
Pluxee (formerly Sodexo): you can pay with your Pluxee Eco (Eco Pass) and your Pluxee Consumption (Consumption Pass),
Monizze: you can pay with your Monizze Eco Cheques and your Monizze Consumption Cheques.

For more information on the Purchasing power premium and consumption vouchers, read our article “Where and how can I spend my Consumption vouchers (Purchasing power premium) in Belgium?“.

Pluxee Gift (Sodexo Gift Pass) and Monizze Gift vouchers are not currently accepted on the e-shop. Our Mollie payment platform does not allow us to offer 2 different payment methods for Pluxee (Sodexo) and Monizze. However, we do accept them in the same way as paper cheques in our showroom by appointment. To make an appointment, please contact us by telephone or e-mail or via our contact form.

How do you use your eco-vouchers in the online shop?

When paying for your order, select the logo of your Pluxee (Sodexo), Edenred or Monizze card issuer. If you don’t have enough credit, don’t worry, you can pay the balance of your order with another payment method of your choice.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our customer service team will answer all your questions about using your cheques (info@kalani-home.com).

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