Duvet cover in cotton sateen

Duvet Cover in Cotton Sateen

Whether your duvet is thick, light, feather or synthetic (polyester), your sleeping comfort also depends on your choice of duvet cover. A cover made from organic cotton sateen, cotton jersey or cotton percale all offer a very different feel.
At Kalani, we work with all three materials to offer you premium comfort. Whatever your preference, our duvet covers are 100% organic, Fairtrade and vegan certified. We take care to respect the workers at every stage of production. So your product is not only premium, but also ethical.

Buy a duvet cover on the Kalani WebShop? It’s very easy!

Choose the material of the Kalani duvet cover:

First choose the material of your duvet cover.

  • Cotton Sateen covers offer premium comfort and unrivalled softness. Bring a satin, luxurious feel to your bedroom by choosing this material.
    If you want a little bit of fantasy but still want the softness of sateen, choose an embroidered cotton sateen cover: the embroidery details add a delicate touch.
    Cotton Sateen gets softer with use and washing. This material requires little or no ironing.
  • Opt for a Cotton Jersey cover to enjoy the comforting softness. The feel is similar to that of a cotton t-shirt… premium quality, of course. Soft and breathable, you’ll feel good under this premium duvet cover. A little bonus, this material does not require ironing.
  • Cotton Percale duvet covers offer a fresh, hotel-like feeling. Some people prefer the premium and very crisp effect of these sheets when ironed. The crumpled effect of the cotton Percale cover, on the other hand, offers an authentic style to your bed, while providing premium comfort. To each his own!
    At Kalani, you can also choose the embroidered cotton percale cover.

Select the colour of your duvet cover

Once you have chosen the material of your cover, you can select the colour you like. Do you prefer a white duvet cover with a clean look? Or darker sheets that give you a cosy atmosphere? Or delicate pastel colours?
Duvet covers in Cotton Sateen offer a wider choice of colours than those in Jersey or Cotton Percale.

Choosing the size of your duvet cover

At Kalani we offer a wide range of duvet cover sizes. Whether you have a standard size duvet, single or double, or a longer or narrower duvet size, you’re sure to find something to suit you.

Adapt the rest of your bedding to your taste

You can buy pillowcases, flat sheets or fitted sheets in the size and colour of your choice online at the Kalani WebShop. This way you can choose a mix of colours between your pillowcases and cover. For optimum comfort, we recommend that you select the pillowcases and the bottom sheet in the same fabric.


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