Some cute re-usable packaging

In order to respect our environmentally friendly philosophy, we keep packaging to a strict minimum.


Boost your creativity

Duvet covers and pillowcases (when ordered with duvet covers) are packed in a awesome Kalani fabric bag, which can be reused as you wish.
Feel free to send us pictures of how you will use them, we love to see zero waste creativity in action.


When preparing orders

We do not send plastic to our customers. Production plastic packaging, to protect the products from humidity and dust in the warehouse, are carefully unpacked and recycled by our warehouse. Our warehouse can recycle up to 10 different types of waste, while private individuals are limited.

Afterwards, our logistics operators carefully wrap the products in FSC®-certified tissue paper. Shipping is done in recycled and recyclable cardboard boxes, the interstices of which are filled with recycled and recyclable twisted paper.


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