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  • Cotton sateen bundle kalani blue 1Cotton sateen bundle small grey dots 1

    Cotton Sateen Bundle

    117,80 535,80 
  • stone-washed-linen-duvet-cover-natural-3stone-washed-linen-duvet-cover-ocean-blue-3

    Washed Linen Duvet Cover

    150,00 280,00 
  • Promo sateen-cotton-pillows-all-coloursCotton Sateen Pillowcase Kalani Blue 7

    Cotton Sateen Pillowcase

    11,90 17,00 
  • bedding-natural-duvet-6BAmbiance-bedding-duvet-5

    Natural Tempered Warm Duvet

    200,00 370,00 
  • bedding-natural-pillow-5Bbedding-natural-pillow-3

    Soft Natural Pillow

  • Luxury-hand-towel-all-coloursLuxury hand towel taupe 4

    Luxury Hand Towel

  • luxury-bathrobes-all-5luxury-bathrobes-all-3

    Luxury bathrobe

  • stone-washed-linen-hem-stitch-table-cloth-natural-2stone-washed-linen-hem-stitch-table-cloth-powder-pink-5

    Washed Linen Hem Stitch Tablecloth

    110,00 210,00 
  • stone-washed-linen-hem-stitch-table-napkin-powder-pink-49x49-3stone-washed-linen-hem-stitch-table-napkin-powder-pink-49x49-4

    Washed Linen Hem Stitch Table Napkin

  • soja-wax-terrae-set-of-3-candles-all-colours-4x7-1soja-wax-terrae-set-of-3-candles-pure-white-4x7-9

    Box of 3 candles holders & 3 wax refills

  • Promo sweat unisex organic hooded pullover organic hooded pullover white 4

    Organic Hooded Pullover

    Original price was: 73,00 €.Current price is: 43,80 €.
  • Organic Relax Pants


We Made It! The 100% Made in Europe Stone Washed Linen

A complete collection of luxurious and durable bed & table linen

Made with a mix of natural, ecological & local linen fibers from Belgium, France & Holland. Spun in Italy and Made in Portugal
this collection associates the sophistication & casual style of the linen fabric, while being super soft, extra breathable, with an exceptional comfort.

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Sleep like in a cloud, it's possible!

Discover here the best of the 100% natural, healthy, ecological and ethical bedding.

Temperate Duvets that offer lightness, comfort and warmth. Pillows with a soft welcome for all types of sleepers. And the ultimate in luxury, an airy, soft and wonderfully comfortable mattress topper to perfect your nights.

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The project behind the brand

The experience
of a softer and fairer world

They can't sleep live dream without Kalani anymore!

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