Awards & Recognitions

Awards & Recognitions
Through our journey, we have been awarded
and recognised by organisations we value

When other people or organisations recognise your hardwork, devotion and journey for a better world,
it feels good and it even values more what we are doing for a better and fairer world.
Here are the awards and recognitions we have received .

2022 I Sustainability Professional 2022

The Sustainability Professional 2022 plays a strategic and indispensable role within their company or organisation as someone who motivates, inspires or implements sustainability. This award is organised by Time4Society & VBO-FEB in collaboration with Deloitte and Trends Tendance Magazine. In 2022 they ward Bruno Van Steenberghe, our Kalani Chief Dream Officer as Sustianability Professional 2022, but it’s actually a recognition for the entire Kalani Team and all the achievement made since the launch of the Brand in 2016.

2021 I TextileExchange Leader Brand 4th Category

For this edition we maintain our Leader Role meaning that we have been rated 4/4 for our sustainability Strategy, 3/4 on our commitment for the SDG’s (UN Sustainable Development Goals), 3/4 on Circularity and 4/4 for our Materials Portfolio focussed on 100% organic cotton for already 6 consecutive years. With this recognition, KALANI-home stand in the top 34 Textile & Fashion Brands in the world leading and inspiring the industry.

2020 I TextileExchange Leader Brand 4th Category

Textile Exchange’s Material Change Index (MCI) is the largest peer-to-peer comparison initiative in the textile industry. It tracks the apparel, footwear and home textile sector’s progress toward more sustainable materials sourcing, as well as alignment with global efforts like the Sustainable Development Goals and the transition to a circular economy.

2019 I Best Vegan Bed Linen Brand from Peta

PETA France's Vegan Decoration Awards recognize the brands and designers who beautify our homes while respecting animals.