The Linciaux farm: a unique experience at the rhythm of the vegetable garden

The Linciaux farm: a unique experience at the rhythm of the vegetable garden

After long months locked up at home, it’s time to set off again to discover new, cosy and unusual places.
We were looking for space and nature. We’re taking the road to Ciney, in the province of Namur in Belgium, and we’re taking you with us!

Great values above all

It is at the Linciaux farm, in the heart of their permaculture vegetable garden, that Marie-Catherine & Nicolas have built a hut, not quite like any other.
Driven by a concern for quality, sustainability and respect for the environment, their two-person cabin has been designed to offer a unique and timeless experience, in a bucolic setting marked by the seasons.

Beautiful and good!

Because local is part of their DNA, they have chosen to work with Belgian companies, favouring recycling, natural materials and products, and uncompromising quality.
To welcome their guests and guarantee them absolute comfort, they have chosen soft cotton sateen sheets and Kalani cotton bath linen, certified organic and GOTS.
Nothing is left to chance! The meals offered are also organic and ultra-local, as they use products from their vegetable garden and farm to delight our taste buds. From breakfast to dinner, including a gourmet snack, you will enjoy the authentic taste of tasty, healthy and seasonal products.

A return to the roots guaranteed

As you will have understood, the Linciaux farm is the project of two enthusiasts driven by the desire to “do little but well, beautiful and good”. That says it all!
If you want to enjoy the calm of the countryside, let yourself be guided through an educational tour of the vegetable garden, discover the region on (electric) bicycles or relax in a Nordic bath (yes, you read that right!), you know what you have to do …


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Nicolas & Marie-Catherine le Hardÿ
Linciaux 2
5590 Ciney
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Phone : +32(0)497/44 99 60

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