We recycle

Waste isn't a waste as long as
it is not thrown away

At Kalani’s, we believe in the power of a second life.
Our main goal when we have created our bed linen collection was to create linen which will be made to last for a long time!
But, when its lifetime is over, we have imagined the perfect solution: a recycling project!
Because we strongly believe in the REDUCE, RE-USE, RECYCLE and all the forms of UP-CYCLING.

You have 3 easy solutions for your treasures:

We recycle - We re-use

1. Re-use your old bed linen by yourself

You can find upcycling and do it yourself ideas on our blog.

Choosing this solution is the most sustainable one because your bed sheets will have a second life without any extra transport or cost.
Send us a nice picture showing how creative you've been in reusing your old bed linen and we will send you a -10% coupon valid on your next purchase.

Read more on our blog !

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We recycle - Recycle bin

2. Go to the recycling bin next to your door

Probably the most easy way to recycle your sheets if you don’t want to upcylcle them by yourself.

You can bring them in a dedicated recycling container near to your house. To avoid an extra useless transport.
When you do this, take a funny photo of you putting your old bed/bath sheets in the container, send it to us and we will send you a -10% coupon valid on your next purchase.

We recycle - Old bedsheets

3. Send your old bedsheets to our professional recycling program

You can send us back in our warehouse your old bed and bath sheets. We will recycle it for you!

To thank you for your good gesture for contributing to our RECYCLING PROGRAM, we will send you a -15% coupon valid on your next purchase.

We recycle - Package

How to do to send us back your old and clean bath and bed sheets?

Please wash the products before to send it, pack them (preferable in a re-used box) and send it (at your cost) to :

2 Rue de Rosières
1332 Genval

When we receive your old Kalani products or your old bed sheet from any other brand, our warehouse will sort it and store it. Some will go back to charity associations, some other will go to cotton recycling program and other will go to some of our local partners who will give them a second life. Our partners are local brands & businesses which recycle the old fabrics to do upcycling objects (clothes, kits, bread bag etc).

By doing those simple acts, we are making the circular economy work. Thanks for the planet! Because, there’s no sustainability without circularity!