Timeless & harmonious colours for durable style,
each colour is carefully chosen

Our bed & bath linen products are available in different timeless beautiful colours. If you want to learn more on our colours, or if you doubt on it, this page has been made to help you making the right (best) choice.
It seems that tastes and colours are not up for discussion... Indeed, everyone can have a different perception of them. Colours also appeal to the senses and can even be associated with a smell. So, even if they cannot be discussed, they all have a symbolism, an effect on our mood. And when we develop our colours, we take these aspects into account.


Not only a matter of taste !

Each colour is carefully chosen for its timelessness, its soothing properties, its style and its effect on each material. Indeed, each fabric reflects the colour in a different way.
It must also be stable, harmonious and able to be combined with other colours. Monochrome is fine, but mixing colours brings a bit of creativity to your bedroom or bathroom. And we like that too!

Our goal is that over time you will be able to find each product easily in order to complete your sets or to replace any damaged or lost products, in order to keep your sheets and enjoy the softness and quality of Kalani.

It's also thanks to this vision that we are able to offer you more choices over time, with new colours to please you by offering you a new wonderfully comfortable set, or by completing the ones you already have.


Snow White

"White is the colour that gives balance, value and beauty to all other colours”*.

Pure and bright, Snow White is the colour of bed linen by excellence.

A bright white reminiscent of the soft, silky linen found in hotels, this colour, available in all our materials, mixes and matches perfectly with our other colours, and is the symbol of perfection and brilliance, while being combined with simplicity.

*Quote of Michel Pastoureau, specialist in colour symbolism.


Small Grey Dots

Sober and discreet, yet playful

As our only printed bed linen for the moment, Small Grey Dots is a departure from the classic plain colour, while remaining in the same timeless spirit.

Thanks to its small dark grey dots, on a white background synonymous with purity, this successful, sober and discreet print will cradle your nights in softness.

It can be mixed and matched with all other colours.


Air Blue

Light and airy

Air Blue is the pastel blue that softens our nights.

A heavenly colour in essence and reminiscent of beautiful sunny days, the ultimate feeling this very light blue creates is one of rest and tranquillity. Combined with our other colours, Air Blue gives a tonic effect for a fresh decoration.

It can be mixed and matched with Snow White, Anthracite, Stone Grey, Midnight Blue, Taupe and Soft Pink.


Kalani Blue

At the crossroads between water green, pale blue and light grey

Kalani Blue varies according to the light and the time of day.

A nostalgic colour, it makes us dream of wide open spaces, stretches of clear turquoise water... and undoubtedly of paradise since Kalani means paradise in Polynesian.
A peaceful colour, it calms and soothes when it's time to go to bed, and a fresh shade, it invigorates in the morning.

This colour mixes and matches perfectly with the colours: Snow White, Soft Pink, Taupe, Stone Grey and Anthracite.


Midnight Blue

Deep and unfathomable

Like the night sky or the ocean, Midnight Blue is an intense and timeless midnight blue that transports us to the dark mysteries of a thousand and one nights.

This colour mixes perfectly with other softer tones, such as Air Blue, Snow White, Stone Grey, Kalani Blue or Taupe.


Powder Pink

Popular because of its exceptionally soothing properties

it is a pleasing colour to the eye.
Powder Pink is a more modern and less sweet version of pastel pink.

It works wonders in small notes or in a more pronounced way. Thanks to its contemporary and delicate character, this colour, which is only available in Premium Jersey, mixes and matches perfectly with the colours Snow White, Light Grey Melange, Stone Grey and Lava Grey. .


Soft Pink

Our soft pink, is in the timeless trend of millennial pink that appeals to all generations

It's the color of the morning when the sun rises and the late evening when the sun sets in summer. It is warm and pale, soft and reassuring. It has been developed for every age, every interior.

It can be mixed&matched with the colors: Snow White, Anthracite, Stone Grey, Taupe, giving each time a different look on your room.



A warm shade of light white

Approaching a very pale yellow, Ivory is a relaxing, precious and rich colour that reminds us of shells found on white sandy beaches, or pampas grasses brushed by the wind.

Ivory owes its success to its impeccable sobriety, its timeless look and its ability to blend in with the decor or to attract light. This colour is particularly ideal for rooms with natural colours and/or on a wooden or brown/taupe bed frame.

This colour mixes and matches perfectly with the colours: Taupe, Kalani Blue, Anthracite and Stone Grey.



Timeless, elegance and sobriety

Timeless, taupe is a warm and trendy colour that stands the test of time thanks to its elegance and sobriety.

Despite its discretion, Taupe is the symbol of refinement capable of revealing the best of an interior, presenting a variety of shades that vary from dark brown to taupe brown, all soft, delicate, warm and comfortable. This colour is particularly beautiful in rooms with natural colours and/or on a wooden or brown/taupe bed frame.

This colour is also suitable for Ivory, Snow White, Midnight Blue, Air Blue, Kalani Blue and Soft Pink.


Light Grey Melange

Heather grey fits any mood

Light Grey Mélange is a textured light heather grey resulting from a blend of several shades of grey.

This soft, soothing and calm shade is the colour of the iconic T-shirt and is only available in Premium Jersey.

This shade mixes and matches perfectly with all other colours, especially Powder Pink, Air Blue and Snow White if you want to bring a touch of light to your bedding.


Stone Grey

It is the colour of many stones

The beautiful pebbles at the bottom of the bay on holiday, the stones on the mountain paths.

Stone Grey is timeless, soft, clean and peaceful. With this colour, calm and serenity are everywhere. Choose the tranquility of a grey stone or the warmth of Stone Grey to soothe your room decor.

This colour can be mixed and matched with Lava Grey, Anthracite, Soft Pink, Air Blue, Kalani Blue, Ivory or Snow White.



The colour of beautiful nights...

Anthracite is a colour related to the colour of the rock from which it takes its name.

It is shaded with silver, grey and black. This colour helps you to sleep deeply, and smells of beautiful nights. Sexy and powerful, it is the perfect and subtle mix of our Anthracite colour that will attract you.

This colour can also be mixed and matched with the colours: Snow White, Stone Grey, Lava Grey, Ivory, Air Blue, Kalani Blue and Soft Pink.


Lava Grey

Deep grey, with slight blue tones

Lava Grey reminds us of lava pebbles, volcanic rock.

This colour, always inspired by nature, can be mixed and matched with other shades of grey such as Stone Grey and Light Grey Melange, but also with lighter shades, such as Snow White, Air Blue, Powder Pink, in order to bring some colour to the set.


Are you still hesitating about the colour or the material?

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