100% Organic & ethical
high quality home textile, wonderfully comfortable
at an affordable price.

In Polynesia, Kalani is a first name which means ‘paradise’...
and aptly resembles the word ‘câlin’ (hug) in French.

About - Unique concept

A unique concept

Did you know that we spend on average 30% of our life in bed?
All the more reason to ask the question: are we happy with the quality to price ratio of bed linen offered on the market? Isn’t it time to pay the right price for luxury and to sleep as comfortably as you would in a grand hotel?

Kalani is the Belgian bed linen brand which is shaking up the market and surprise you! Spend dreamy nights in unsurpassed comfort, sleep more healthily, help organic cotton-growing communities to live more decently, protect the environment, participate in the sharing of both Kalani’s and the planet's resources with the world’s population...

About - Our history

Our story

After working for almost 18 years in the clothing sector and having travelled to production countries on four continents, Bruno Van Steenberghe, founder of Kalani, realised that he could no longer turn a blind eye to the working conditions and ecological impacts of the textile industry.
For a whole year, he decided to educate himself on a new vision for the textile sector, with an holistic approach and while respecting the people and nature engaged in the value chain.

In 2011 he took part in the launch of a new clothing brand with a qualitative and sustainable image, which has experienced rapid growth and considerable success on the European market.
At the beginning of 2016 a new adventure began: Bruno decided to create a new brand, still in textiles, and even more committed to the values he embodies.

The idea for Kalani came in 2012 upon the observation that the majority of people sleep in basic quality bed sheets and duvet covers, at an adequate price yet without providing any sense of well-being. For many of us, it's about a rational purchase rather than pleasure.

About - From concept to realisation

From concept to realisation

Bruno thus decided to take up a challenge: to make it possible for all European consumers to buy online bed linen of outstanding quality, which is luxurious, timeless, of an unrivalled softness, healthy, ecological, ethical and which offers a true feeling of pleasure.

The concept: to guarantee these quality criteria, reasonable prices and fair margins while avoiding intermediaries upstream and downstream, thanks to selling online.

About - Our mission

Our mission

Kalani is a happy brand which helps make people happier by facilitating access to better sleep and rest, with taste and distinction.

Benchmark bed linen which surprises and provides an unforgettable sensory experience thanks to its high quality, simplicity and integrity via sustainable development and transparency to improve quality of life, well-being and to better protect the environment.


Doing with heart and being true and honest on every little things that we share with you.


Complete traceability and information regarding sustainable development, the products and costs.

High Quality
High Quality

Quality without compromise is our mantra for all our products and services.​


Balance and sharing in the Kalani community chain, farmers, workers, employees, supported associations... and you!​


Modern, timeless, simple and effective.​


Enjoy a true experience of pleasure, from ordering to the unforgettable sensation of well-being when you slide in between the sheets. A real aesthetic, sensory, tactile experience...