Kalani delivers to all countries in geographical Europe. For more information, please see our “Delivery page“.

Deliveries outside of Europe are currently blocked on our e-store, but we can unblock them on a case by case basis upon request.

When you order products in Europe, while you are outside of Europe, you are considered an individual importing consumer in your country. This means that if the package is opened by customs in your country, you may have to pay the carrier local VAT and/or taxes and/or import duties.

 However, we will deliver the products to you excluding European VAT. In some cases, local taxes will therefore be lower than European taxes, but they could also be higher.

 We now sell in Europe, but also in Switzerland, Norway and the UK. Since Swiss, Norwegian and British citizens are the only ones outside the European market, they can buy without VAT, but they may have to pay local taxes and fees once the package arrives in their country.

 Outside the EU, as some people may not know and/or read the terms and conditions on online sales sites, we prefer to be transparent and explain things clearly, before giving the possibility to order from non-European countries, be it the USA, Canada, Asia, Africa, etc.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

Delivery times vary between 2 and 10 working days (depending on the country and region), from the time your order is confirmed. To find out the delivery lead times for your country, see our “Delivery” page.

Delivery is free of charge for orders of at least €50 in Belgium and the Netherlands and at least €75 in Luxembourg, France and Germany.

A table with the delivery costs and times for all countries is available on the “Delivery” page.

We do not have a dedicated carrier. This multi-carrier policy allows us to select a carrier according to the country of destination and the weight of the package. This also allows us, for example, to change carriers within seconds if a problem is detected.

We also offer the possibility of having a parcel delivered to a bPost collection point in Belgium. However, this option is currently only available to registered users. If you have any problems with this option, please contact customer service for assistance.

If you are absent, the carrier will leave a notice with instructions to either collect your parcel from a collection point in your area or reschedule the delivery (depending on the carrier). You have 7 days (14 for bPost points, and 4 days for bPost lockers) to collect your parcel from the carrier’s collection point. After this period, the parcel will be automatically returned to our warehouse and in this case, you may be charged a new delivery fee.

The environmental aspect is essential for Kalani. That’s why you will be delivered in a single delivery to avoid multiple parcels.

It is rare that our delivery times are exceeded, as we make every effort to ensure that your order arrives within the timeframe agreed with the carrier. However, if you notice a delay that seems unusual, please contact our customer service department who will check the status of your delivery.

You can contact the after-sales service, they will take care of finding the package with the carrier.

Orders, returns, exchanges, changes and cancellations

Your order is confirmed if you have completed the payment process, been redirected from the payment page to an order confirmation page on the e-shop and received an order confirmation e-mail (remember to check your spam folder).

Be careful, never close a payment window manually. Wait until the payment system automatically redirects you to the e-shop before closing your browser, to avoid interrupting the payment and having to restart your order.

Kalani offers a 30 days return policy (as opposed to the minimum 14 days legal in Europe). You can find the detailed return policy and procedure on the “Returns” page.

Have you made a mistake or changed your mind?

Send an e-mail to our customer service department as soon as possible. We will change or cancel your order if it has not already been prepared or shipped. If it is too late, you have 30 days (from delivery) to return the unwanted products.

Orders are prepared every working day from 7.30am to 8pm. During this time, orders are prepared very quickly and therefore require a quick response to any change requests.

If your return meets all the return requirements, you will receive a full refund as soon as possible and no later than 14 days after receiving the products you have returned. Please specify in your return request which of these three options you would prefer:

  1.  Either an exchange with another product
  2. Or a voucher to order something else, when you wish
  3. Or a refund on the payment method used (not applicable for payments by Eco-cheques, see next question).

It is important to know that Belgian law prohibits any merchant or e-merchant from making a refund for any payment made with EcoCheques. Therefore, in the event of a return, refunds for orders paid with EcoCheques, EcoPass, EcoVoucher, Tickets Compliments or Gift Pass can only be made in exchange for another product or a voucher to be used later.

We do our best to ensure that you do not encounter any problems. However, if you detect a problem, please contact our customer service department by sending the following information

– a photo of the problem

– a description of the problem detected

Orders placed on working days during the day are prepared and dispatched the same day, or the next day depending on the time of day.

Orders placed on weekends, holidays, evenings and nights are prepared and shipped the next business day.

At the time of dispatch, our system sends you an automatic e-mail with an e-tracking link allowing you to follow the progress and estimated delivery. If you have not received this e-mail, please check your spam box, which often receives automatic e-mails.

Send an e-mail to our customer service or call us. We will change your delivery address if the order has not already been prepared or shipped. Orders are prepared every working day from 7.30am to 8pm, during this time orders are prepared very quickly and require a quick response to any changes.

If it is too late, we will contact the carrier to try to find a solution as soon as possible. If it turns out that the parcel is already being delivered, we will unfortunately no longer be able to change the delivery address. There are several possible solutions:

– The address given is invalid or incomplete, so your parcel cannot be delivered and will automatically be returned to us. We will then have to wait for the return of the parcel before we can send it back to you at the right address.

– The address given is valid and your parcel will be delivered there if the recipient accepts the delivery. You will then have to contact the recipient to try to collect it.

– The address given is valid, but the recipient refuses delivery. Your package cannot be delivered and will be automatically returned to us. We will then have to wait for the return of the parcel before we can send it back to you at the right address.

Products, quality and health

Kalani offers 3 different bedding fabrics in 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Discover them below:

Our cotton sateen is made of 300 threads/inch² (118-120 threads/cm²) and from fine cotton yarns with very long fibres. This is the most luxurious fabric! Sateen is very easy to care for (little or no ironing is required) and is very durable. Contrary to what you might think, satin does not shine or slip. It does not need to be ironed, but is easy to iron. It offers a warm touch, a suppleness and an incomparable softness. Dark colours can have a slightly satiny appearance, which fades by more than 80% in the first wash. It is also the easiest and most universal material, as it is suitable for all seasons and for everyone, without ever disappointing.

Our cotton percale is made of 300 threads/inch² (118-120 threads/cm²) and from fine cotton yarns with very long fibres. Its tight weave gives it a soft, fresh, light feel and exceptional durability, making it the perfect hotel fabric. Thanks to its resistance to very high temperature washing and its resistance to abrasion (essential for accommodating suitcases with wheels on the beds every days). Percale can be ironed for a “hotel” effect or left crumpled for a more “raw” effect. Cotton percale sheets become softer the more you wash and dry them, the easier they will be to iron (especially after 10 washes)! This fabric is ideal for summer or warmer rooms, but can be used all year round.

Cotton jersey is usually used for mattress covers, but we decided to use it for duvet covers and pillowcases. This fabric is soft, ultra-soft, and warmer, but not too warm as flannel can be, as jersey is very breathable. As our jersey is Premium, you will feel like you are sleeping in your favourite t-shirt, as it is the same knitted material as a good t-shirt, which offers a very cosy feel and welcome. This fabric is recommended mainly from October to April or all year round in cooler rooms.

If you still have questions, the “Fabrics” page is full of information, and if you have any further questions, our customer service team is available for you.

The “Luxury” bath linen collection is exceptionally soft and high quality thanks to the long staple organic combed cotton. An optimal weight of 600g/m² for a soft, super soft, enveloping and ultra absorbent effect. Thicker than classic bath towels, it envelops you in softness and comfort. Without being too heavy either!

The “Hotel” bath linen collection was created to meet the needs of the hotel industry, i.e. the daily washing of towels in industrial laundries and washing at very high temperatures. Our range of hotel quality towels is woven with high twist yarns to ensure optimum quality and longevity for professionals. The fabric retains its properties over time and its softness in the dryer thanks to the long staple organic cotton yarns.

This is normal, it is the case for all qualities on the market whatever the brand, the bath linen always hardens in contact with water, whether it is by drying a little, or when washing in the washing machine. This is mainly due to the hardness of the water.

To keep or recover the softness of the bath linen (towels, bathrobes, …), there are however several tricks:

– Dry the products in the dryer after washing. This is not environmentally friendly, but it is the best way to restore the original softness of your bath towels.

– Iron the products with a lot of steam, ideally with a steam iron.

– Add 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda  and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar to your laundry in the fabric softener tank (fabric softener is always best avoided).

When using towels, bathrobes, etc., it can happen that a hairbrush or a piece of jewellery (rings, necklaces, bracelets, piercings, etc.) unintentionally pulls a thread from the loops. This is not serious, but you should not pull on it. It is recommended to simply cut it flush with a pair of scissors. This will not affect the quality or durability of the bath linen.

Kalani products are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, grown and produced according to organic farming standards, without toxic chemical inputs (pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers) and without GMOs.

Products made of real organic cotton (certified for traceability and guarantee of organic origin) preserve the health of the soil, ecosystems, biodiversity and people.

For more information, see the “Production” page

Kalani favours natural materials. However, in Loungewear, some jumpers and trousers contain 15% polyester (hands only recycled polyester) for durability, so that your products do not warp and can be worn as long as possible. After all, quality and durability are also part of sustainable development.

You are right to ask this question. Indeed, it is easy to cheat in the textile sector and it is a very good approach to check that a brand can give you all the necessary information and verification of its labelling promises.

At Kalani we are committed to being as transparent as possible and to this end we are fully certified and our products are certified from the beginning of production to our distribution warehouse. We have various certifications:

GOTS : Our GOTS certification number is N°163195, certified by Ecocert Greenlife, to check if you wish by writing “Kalani” or our number in the GOTS database

Fairtrade: Our certification number is N°35216, certified by FLO-CERT, check if you wish by writing “Kalani” or our number in the Fairtrade database

Peta Approved Vegan: You can check this if you wish by entering “Kalani” in their Peta database

On these databases you can check the names of all the brands that are actually certified. And you might be surprised to find only a few compared to the promises given by some of these brands that communicate about certifications without any certification number.

Since its creation in 2016, Kalani guarantees maximum traceability and transparency on the origin of raw materials, the different stages of production and the routing of its products. All the factories that produce for Kalani are ethical factories, which respect human rights and workers’ rights. The factories are audited socially, but also through GOTS and Fairtrade certification. For more information, please visit our Production page.

The only way for a brand to guarantee that its organic cotton is truly organic is to be certified itself, so that the whole chain is checked and verified.

Organic cotton guarantees that the cotton is grown according to the rules of organic agriculture, without GMOs, without toxic chemicals and with reasonable water management. Organic/Fairtrade cotton is the most ecological, ethical and sustainable version available. GOTS organic cotton protects soil, water, biodiversity and the health of farmers, workers and users, while giving a higher price to farmers, making it both environmentally friendly and ethical.

Kalani is not OEKO-TEX certified, as this certification only guarantees health and is much less demanding than a GOTS organic cotton certification. The OEKO TEX label does not certify that the cotton is sustainable or organic, but only that the finished product is free from products that are harmful to humans.

This does not mean that the cotton has not been cultivated with GMOs, pesticides, or other products not allowed in organic cotton, nor that the social conditions of the workers along the supply chain (cotton, yarns, fabrics, finished products) have been respected, nor that the environment has been respected and protected. In addition, Oeko-Tex certification does not check almost anything at brand level apart from an annual administrative audit.


We have therefore opted for GOTS certification, which includes everything in Oeko-Tex certification from a health point of view, but goes much further with regard to cotton cultivation, material processing, social conditions, environmental protection and biodiversity.

You will find this information in the “Washing instructions” tab under each product next to the description.

As with any textile product, whether linen or clothing, it is recommended that products are always washed before first use, even for GOTS organic cotton products dyed with GOTS approved safe dyes. This is because the textile products are made by hand and sewing machines (overlockers) create a fine cotton dust when cutting the excess fabric from the hems. It is therefore always recommended that you wash your textile products before using them, for reasons of hygiene.

By subscribing to the newsletter, you will be the first to know about any new product launches, new colours and new sizes.

Kalani products are timeless products that we follow from season to season. If a product is out of stock, you can enter your e-mail address on the right hand side of the product page and you will be automatically informed of the next arrival of that particular product.

We produce regularly, but for each new production, we are required (by our factories) to produce a minimum quantity per colour, which can be very high. It can therefore happen that there is a stock shortage on a reference (size/material/colour) but that we have to wait until we can restart a sufficiently important production of this colour, to be able to restock this reference.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more precise information about a specific reference.

Not sure which colour to choose? At Kalani, each colour has been carefully developed. If you would like to know more about our colours or order samples, please visit the “Colours” page.

Yes, it is possible to order samples of bed linen fabrics. You can send us your sample order via the “Samples” product sheet.

Payment, gift card and voucher

Kalani accepts many different payment methods. Go to the Secure Payment page to find the latest list.

Your order is ready but you can’t finalise it?

– You are still on the check-out page and you can’t get to the payment page: Check that all mandatory fields marked with a red asterisk (*) have been filled in, that you have accepted the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page and that you are still connected to the internet.

– You are on a payment page and your payment is not confirmed: Check that you have filled in all the fields with your card information and that you have your card reader (digipass, required by some banks to validate the card) at hand, to confirm the payment with your bank for credit card payments.

If you still have a problem, please contact our customer service.

Yes, you can pay for your Kalani purchases with your Belgian eco-vouchers, because 100% of the Kalani range is environmentally friendly and GOTS certified by ECOCERT Greenlife (no. 163195).

Here are the accepted e-checks:

  • Edenred: Edenred Eco (formerly Ticket EcoCheques), Edenred Conso (formerly Ticket Consumption), Edenred Cadeaux (formerly Ticket Compliments)
  • Pluxee (formerly Sodexo): Pluxee Eco (formerly Eco Pass®), Pluxee Consumption (formerly Consumption Pass)
  • Monizze: Eco Cheques, Purchasing Power Premium

When paying for your order, select the logo of your Pluxee (Sodexo), Edenred or Monizze card issuer and enter your card details. If your credit is insufficient, you will be redirected to pay the balance of your order with another payment method.

Pluxee Gift (Sodexo Gift Pass) and Monizze Gift vouchers are currently not accepted on the e-shop as our Mollie payment platform does not allow for 2 different payment methods for Sodexo and Monizze. However, we do accept them as well as paper vouchers in our showroom by appointment.

Consumption vouchers (Purchasing power premium) are accepted for online payments on our e-shop. Consumption cheques are the following: Edenred Conso, Pluxee Consumption (Sodexo), Monizze Consumption Cheques.

When paying for your order, prepare your Pluxee (Sodexo)/Edenred/Monizze card (as you will need the security numbers that are not in your mobile application), select the logo of your Pluxee (Sodexo), Edenred or Monizze card issuer (from the different payment methods offered), and enter your card details. If you do not have enough credit, you can pay the balance of your order with another payment method of your choice.

If this procedure does not work, check via your application that you still have Eco and/or Consumer Cheques credits on your card. Please note that Meal Vouchers or Resto Pass will not work, as we do not sell eligible food products.

We work with Mollie ePayments to handle secure payments on our site. Normally, the Mollie payment page recognises your language and country, but it can happen that this system makes mistakes between France and Belgium for French and Holland and Belgium for Dutch. For other countries, there is no problem. However, don’t worry, the bank account number you received in the order confirmation e-mail is correct and linked to our order. Furthermore, there are no additional costs for making a bank transfer within Europe. As soon as Mollie ePayments receives your bank transfer, your order will automatically be set to payment accepted in our system and can then be prepared and shipped by our warehouse.

If you are the one offering the gift card, you have the possibility to indicate the e-mail of the person who will receive the gift card:

– Either your e-mail address if you want to hand deliver it or e-mail it yourself.

– Or the recipient’s e-mail address, if you want to send the card directly to him/her

You will receive your gift card electronically.

However, we also offer a free service to send a beautiful card in a nice envelope by post on request! Order a gift card now by clicking here and if you would also like a physical card, send us a message after you have completed your order with the following information:

– Your order number

– The address to which you would like the physical gift card to be sent, either to you or to the recipient

Are you lucky enough to have received a Kalani gift card? Go to the e-shop. Add the products you want to buy to your shopping cart. When your shopping cart is ready, view it and you will find a “Gift Card” field where you can enter the 16 character series of your gift card. Then click on “apply gift card”. You will see the amount in your basket reduced by the amount of the gift card and if there is a balance left to pay, you can pay it at check-out after filling in the delivery details.

If you have a voucher, (or a Kalani gift card dated before May 2021), go to the e-shop. Add the products you want to buy to your basket. When your basket is ready, view it and you will find a “promo code” field to enter your voucher code.  Then click on “apply code” and you will see the amount in your basket reduced by the amount of your voucher. If there is still a balance to pay, you can pay it at check-out after filling in the delivery information.

Customer account and privacy

Click on the little man at the top right of your screen and enter your login and password.

Click on the little man at the top right of your screen for your customer account, and click on “logout” at the bottom of the menu.

If you are unable to connect to your customer account with your e-mail as Login and your usual password. There are 2 possible reasons:

– Either your existing customer account has not been used since April 2021. We have changed websites and previous passwords need to be recreated. However, if you wish, you can recreate the same one as before.

– Or, you have just created your customer account without saving your password.

In both cases, you can reset your password by clicking on “lost password?”, enter the e-mail address linked to your account and click on “reset password” to receive a link to change your password.

If you have not received this email after a few seconds, please check your junk mail or contact our support team.

It is also good to know that turning off your device (computer, tablet or mobile phone) completely and restarting it solves 99% of computer and website connection problems.

At Kalani, we are committed to preserving and securing the personal and confidential data of our visitors and customers. Please see our Privacy Policy page for more information.

Professionals / Hospitality

Yes, we regularly work with hotel professionals and offer special conditions in this context. Please contact us, detailing your needs and we will send you a tailor-made offer.

Or visit our dedicated page.

If all the products in your order are in stock, it will be prepared and shipped within 48 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays). Delivery times vary between 2 and 10 working days (depending on the country and region) from the time your order is confirmed. To find out the delivery time for your country, consult our “Delivery” page.

If the products in your order are out of stock, or if you need custom-made products, please contact our customer service for professionals.

Depending on quantities and deadlines, we can offer you customised products. Contact us with your requirements to receive a personalised response.

It all depends on how often your accommodation is used, the average number of nights, the frequency of washing and the speed of washing. However, 3 complete linen sets (including bed and bath linen) are usually sufficient to organise the rotation and maintenance of a bed and breakfast or gite.

For washing tips and a general care guide, see the “care guide” page. For more detailed information, please refer to the “care guide” tab on each product page.

However, we recommend that you choose towels and bath mats from the “Hotel” collection, which has been specially developed to withstand industrial washing up to 95°C. For bed linen, we recommend washing at a maximum of 60°C, although percale can be washed at higher temperatures.

Beware of the practices of some industrial laundries and laundries, which sometimes wash everything at 95°C, which use presses to extract the water before spinning or very aggressive bleaching products. To protect your investment, we advise you to speak to your laundry service beforehand and possibly test a pillowcase before making a final choice.

Contact our customer service with a precise description of your needs and we will prepare a quote for you.

Kalani’s concept is to sell directly and therefore only online, to avoid intermediary costs and to be able to offer you high quality, sustainable products (certified organic + Fairtrade + Vegan), at affordable prices. By doing so, our prices are on average 2x lower than in traditional shops.

However, we can receive you in our showroom by appointment to present you the collections and to advise you in a personalised way regarding your project and your needs.

It is also possible to order “samples” of fabrics for bed linen.


Kalani’s concept is to sell directly and therefore only online, to avoid intermediary costs and to be able to offer you high quality, sustainable products (certified organic + Fairtrade + Vegan), at affordable prices. By doing so, our prices are on average 2x lower than in traditional shops.

However, we work exceptionally with circular concept stores where you have the possibility to touch the materials and buy on the spot. We can also welcome you in our showroom by appointment.

You can find a list of our physical outlets on the “contacts” page.

Kalani was the first brand to introduce the concept of fair prices all year round and for everyone in the European linen sector. All our products are timeless and we only produce the volumes we are able to sell. We offer high quality products at fair and affordable prices, as explained on our transparency page.

Sometimes we do a very small promotion, but never a sale.

Our prices are fair all year round, for everyone.

We don’t have a loyalty program, but if you subscribe to our newsletter and/or follow us on social networks, you will always be informed of any actions.

Would you like to work with us? It’s possible! You can contact us via the contact form.

All our job offers can be found on the “jobs” page. However, if this section is empty, do not hesitate to send us your unsolicited application and your CV to the following e-mail address: jobs@kalani-home.com


We are always happy to receive your feedback, ideas and suggestions for improvement. Please feel free to contact us via the contact form.