Bundle in Satin cotton, in Jersey cotton, in Percale cotton

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  • Cotton sateen bundle kalani blue 1Cotton sateen bundle small grey dots 1

    Cotton Sateen Bundle

    117,80 535,80 
  • Cotton percale lace trim bundles snow white 1Cotton Sateen Lace Trim Pillowcase Snow White 17

    Coton Sateen Lace Trim Bundle

    130,15 535,80 
  • Cotton Percale Pillowcase Snow White 3cotton-percale-bundles-air-blue-1

    Cotton Percale Bundle

    117,80 465,50 
  • Cotton percale lace trim bundles snow white 1Cotton Percale Lace Trim Duvet Cover snow white 6

    Cotton Percale Lace Trim Bundle

    125,40 503,50 
  • cotton-premium-jersey-bundles-air-blue-2Cotton Premium Jersey Bundles snow white 1

    Cotton Premium Jersey Bundle

    102,60 526,30 
  • stone-washed-linen-bundle-powder-pink-1stone-washed-linen-bundle-ocean-blue-1

    Washed Linen Bundle

    261,25 950,00 
  • protector-bundles-snow-white-2cotton-pillow-protector-1

    Cotton Protections Bundle

    55,10 130,15 
  • furoshikis-2furoshikis-3

    Cotton Sateen Furoshiki Gift Wrap


Bundle in Satin cotton, in Jersey cotton, in Percale cotton

Slipping into cool, soft and comfortable bed sheets is one of life’s great pleasures. But have you ever tried premium bed sheets? Kalani offers a wide range of bedding made from organic cotton, all of which is produced with the highest level of craftsmanship. So, with Kalani, you’ll discover the ultimate pleasure of sleeping in premium sheets, even at home.

Discover our bed sets in cotton sateen, cotton jersey or cotton percale. Composed of a fitted sheet, a comforter cover and pillowcases (number of pillowcases desired to be selected when ordering), you will sleep soundly in these premium quality home sheets.
All our bedding is made of 100% organic cotton and is Fairtrade certified, ethical and ecological. It is possible to purchase our bedding with ecocheques.

Select the sheet size you need. We have a wide range of sizes, allowing you to find what you need at Kalani. In addition, we have different sizes of pillowcases. This way, you can be sure that you have the right case for your pillow.

Do you prefer the soft and delicate cotton sateen sets? Satin will bring a touch of class and luxury to your bedroom: let yourself be seduced by the unmatched softness of the cotton sateen sets made by Kalani.
For maximum freshness, opt for the cotton Percale sets. Enjoy all the comfort that this set will offer you, for nights of restful sleep.
Cotton Jersey offers premium comfort, thanks to the softness of this material. Opt for a cotton jersey set and you’ll adopt it!