A fair price for you, for the organic cotton farmers,
for the production workers and for us.

Kalani makes it a point of honour to satisfy you, which is why being transparent has always been one of our priorities. We advocate responsible consumption. Under no circumstances do we want to sell you products you don't need, let alone at times when you don't need them. To this end, in 2016 we developed the concept of fair pricing all year round.


A fair policy

Our mission is to make high-end, sustainable (Organic/Fairtrade/Vegan) home textile affordable and accessible to a majority of people.
This is why we have decided to apply a policy of fair prices all year round, on average 50% cheaper than similar qualities sold in the traditional retail.


100% transparency

In order to make the transparency as much complete and clear as possible.
We have created a price transparency scheme that simply shows you on an amount of 100€ or 100%, where the money you invest in your quality linen goes.
But also, and above all, how we manage to make organic and ethical high-quality products at a price that remains affordable for most, with prices on average at least half the price of products of equivalent quality in the traditional retail and taking into account the fact that you will be able to keep your quality linens for longer.

In our transparency scheme, we explain in a few simple steps how we achieve and guarantee you a fair and affordable price.
It's very simple: we make short circuit trade in the home textile, we produce ourselves in a manufacturing plant and sell directly to you without intermediaries and without unnecessary margins.
So from the raw materials to the delivery of Kalani products to you, you can see the costs of each step. This makes us one of the most transparent textile companies in the world. And we challenge you to find a more transparent one!


From the choice of the materials to the finished product

In the first part of the chart, you can see that there is not much difference with another standard brand. However, the difference is there. Because it is obvious that a big brand that has been around for a long time and is not certified organic and Fairtrade certainly buys or produces cheaper than us. Indeed, our raw materials are certified organic (GOTS) and Fairtrade, and we pay for our cotton and our finished products produced ethically far above the market price.

But we decided to demonstrate our concept on the basis that everyone produces at the same price since there are as many cases as there are brands. This means that the margins of the traditional brands are in reality most of the time even higher than what we demonstrate in the diagram.


From Kalani to your bed

It is in the second part that the difference is bigger. By selling (almost) exclusively online, we avoid most of the costs of having our own shops as well as the costs of intermediaries if we had to sell through multi-brand shops all over Europe.

We also practice the concept of 'slow marketing'. We move forward step by step thanks to a mini team of passionate people who are working hard to make this project sustainable over time without exploding costs and without using expensive and useless marketing tricks for a certain but controlled growth.

We advocate an authentic, positive communication without fuss that perfectly reflects the people who collaborate closely or remotely on the Kalani project. More than a brand, it is also a company project that wants to be different, innovative and "slow". In this way we avoid all the middlemen's margins, high fixed costs, unnecessary marketing campaigns and we can offer high quality, certified organic, Fairtrade products at affordable prices thanks to our short circuit trade policy.