The reference for organic cotton home textiles

The reference for organic cotton home textiles

Our brand KALANI-home, offers since 2016 high quality fair trade organic cotton home linen, at affordable prices. Since our creation, our mission is to be an affordable brand to most of the people, thanks to a policy of direct and online sales, in order to avoid middlemen and, therefore, to limit the costs.

Why is Kalani considered today as the reference for organic cotton bed and bath linen?

Although our business model, our product range, our pricing and communication policy have been widely copied in many European countries since the beginning, we remain the first to have launched this concept, to remain authentic and REALLY transparent, and to want to go beyond the standards of sustainable development as time goes by.

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Indeed, today, none of these brands have managed to be “trustful” or really transparent. Most of them have replaced sustainability with “half” local (we also have a very interesting article about this here) and organic with so-called non-certified organic. Only the suppliers of some their products are certified and not the brands in question and neither their products, it is obviously a bit easy to do so and it does not ensure any traceability for the consumer. (We also have an article about this here).

It is sometimes difficult as an own brand to fight against the greenwashing of other brands that claim to share the same values. But we think it is important to talk about this increasingly widespread phenomenon that undermines the work of “real” ecological, ethical and committed brands like ours. (For the article on Greenwashing in our sector it is here)

Fortunately, we are noticing a real change, and our customers are becoming more and more aware and informed about the drifts of greenwashing, and our greatest advantage is that the more concepts based on cheating, inconsistency and deceiving people are born, the stronger Kalani emerges and is recognised as the reference in terms of organic cotton, fair trade, authenticity, business model with a transparency unique in the world. When somebody is looking for organic, ethical, high quality and affordable bed linen, bath linen or household linen in general, it is quite natural that they turn to Kalani-home.

We have nothing to hide, so ask us your questions on the quality of the products, but also on the cultivation of organic cotton compared to conventional cotton, on Fairtrade cotton, on fair trade in textiles, on local production, on social standards, on environmental standards, on health standards, on the need for price transparency, on traceability and certification, … We are unbeatable on these subjects that most textile companies avoid, so get to your pens or your keyboards, we are waiting for your questions!

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