Sleep Tipzzz #3 – 5 rituals to improve your sleep

Sleep Tipzzz #3 – 5 rituals to improve your sleep

Sleeping well and in good conditions has a real positive impact on our mood, our performance and our decisions. When you sleep well, you are naturally happier, more relaxed and ready to deal positively with all the little annoyances of the day.

As we know, it is not always easy. Indeed, we quickly let ourselves be overwhelmed by these annoyances and in the action they go unnoticed… on the other hand, when it comes to bedtime, it is often there that everything resurfaces… and it is sometimes difficult to find sleep or to sleep for 8 hours straight.

However, according to experts at the National Sleep Foundation (an American organisation that promotes sleep education), we should sleep between 7 and 9 hours a night to keep our body in shape and avoid causing it pain.

The number of hours of sleep required varies by age group. To put it simply, newborns must sleep between 12h and 15h, babies 11-14h, children 9-11h, teenagers 8-10h and seniors between 7-8h.

In addition to sleep in 100% organic, ethical and wonderfully comfortable bed sheets that also have a positive impact on the planet, here are some tips to make it easier for you to fall asleep and wake up fresh and ready to go.

1. Stop the screens minimum 1 hour before bedtime

The blue light on the screens is fatal to our sleep. We already spend far too much time in front of screens (whatever they are, computers, TV, smartphone, tablet…). Often even before going to sleep many people do an instagram check, facebook, or news… This is of course to be banned at least 1 hour before going to sleep. Prefer a book, it will be just as informative and better for your health:).

2. Prefer regular schedules.

As your body gets used to regular bedtimes, your internal clock will know for itself when it is the right time.

3. Be physically active.

Doing any kind of sport reduces stress and promotes good sleep. That said, it is better to exercise at the end of the day / early evening, because if practiced too late in the day, it can delay bedtime and therefore no longer have all the benefits expected.

4. Breath

A few simple breathing exercises will ease tension, focus on your body and well-being.
Breathe in / out 5 times, make it a ritual every night that will mark the signal when you can fall asleep.

5. Massage your feet.

In our soles of our feet are found almost all the points that correspond to our organs. By massaging our feet, it is as if we were massaging and relaxing our whole body. How do we do this?
With your thumb, press into the hollow in the middle of the sole of your foot. Massage in circles, small at first and enlarge them to disperse energy to the ends of the foot.
It only takes a few minutes.

There are still plenty of tips to improve your sleep, it is up to everyone to find the technique that works best. Also read our article on plants that will help you sleep.

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