5 good reasons to sleep naked

5 good reasons to sleep naked

In this month of February, the month of love, we will look at what is happening under the duvet (blanket)….
If sleeping with premium quality bed linen, organic and wonderfully comfortable can clearly improve your sleep, did you know that sleeping naked can bring you many other benefits.

So, hop here we discover all the benefits of an Adam and Eve outfit for even nicer nights under the duvet!

1. Less is more. It’s practical and environmentally friendly.

Clearly, without clothing, not investing in pijamas, night-dresses and other nightwear, is more economical and above all more ecological. And we save time in the evening and in the morning. Shortly, a citizen gesture, saving money and time,…

2. Happiness under the duvet. A fulfilled sex life.

Feeling the body of the loved one under the duvet promotes relationships and allows a better awareness of ourself and the other. In addition, an American study has shown that couples who sleep naked are more fulfilled “The softness of the sheets on the skin encourages openness, transparency and of course intimacy and ultimately increases happiness” Stéphanie Thiers-Ratcliffe from CottonUSA who conducted the study.

3. Naturally beautiful. The skin breathes and stays younger for longer.

Without clothing, the skin finally breathes… And a skin that breathes gets rid of its impurities and excess of sebum. The result is healthier skin that will stay younger, longer and healthier. Moreover, when you sleep better, your cells regenerate faster and the appearance of wrinkles is slowed down.

4. Your body says thank you. A boost in health.

By sleeping naked you promote weight loss, because in this way the temperature of your body drops to an average of 36°, and therefore when it is cold, it forces your body to provide energy to keep this temperature stable. When it is hot, you sweat less, and improve your body hygiene. Microbes and bacteria that usually grow in a hot, humid environment may find a new place to live ;).

5. I believe in myself. A strengthened self-confidence.

Sleeping naked makes possible to be more comfortable with your body, to appropriate it and to enjoy it day after day or night after night. It has also been proven that contact with bed sheets increases oxytocin (a hormone of the hypothalamus, also known as the love, trust and marital and social bond hormone). No wonder that sleeping in super comfortable and soft bed sheets further enhances this well-being! As a result, you feel freer, more sensual, more beautiful, and you increase your confidence and self-confidence.

We are convinced of all these benefits… so, how are you going to sleep tonight?

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