6 ideas to reuse or recycle your bed sheets

6 ideas to reuse or recycle your bed sheets

The month of  the white is also the time to sort your old sheets, towels, tablecloths and household linen of all kinds… Making room, sorting, tidying up is good, but what can you do with all those fabrics?

So, let’s go for 6 ideas, to reuse, recycle, upcycling… in short, to give a second life to your old bed sheets!

1. A tipi to tell stories and secrets to children.

With 4 or 5 long pieces of wood, rope and your sheets, create a tipi in a corner of your house. It can be used as a small reading area where the whole tribe can gather for the evening story. It is the ideal place to hide your treasures or to tell secrets… Here is a good idea, and everyone benefits from it… and it can be also a beautiful deco object!
How to do this?





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Here are some addresses for DIY tipis:





2. This summer, it’s a movie time in the garden…

For those who are lucky enough to have a garden, why not take advantage of the beautiful summer evenings to organize a cinema in your garden?
Stretch a sheet between 2 trees, a projector (borrowed or yours) and hop, garden chairs or even sitting directly on the grass we are ready to watch some movie classics!

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3. Pimp my cushion!

Give your sheets a second life by transforming them into cushion covers… and to add a little personal touch, embroider, pimp, in short, customize them to your desires.

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4. The cabin at the back… of the living room…

Whether you are 5 years old, 25 years old, 50 years old, you have already built a cabin, a palace, a fort… An idea of a magical activity for the winter days to keep the children (and the least children too) busy. Whether it’s a castle or a cosy and romantic place… it’s up to you to let your imagination run wild.

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5. Picnic in simplicity

Picnic in summer… it’s real life…:)
So, simply lay out your sheets, white for a chic side, odd for the bohemian side… We breathe, we take the time, we relax, we laugh… the simple little moments of life (we feel we are already there…).

6. Give to people in need or recycle

You tend to accumulate, and even after having done everything already, you still have sheets left, or simply want to get rid of them, so go to your container park or textile bubble, to give your sheets to people who will need it or just send them for recycling, and maybe others will read this article and know what to do with them;)

Did you like this article? We still have some ideas to recycle your sheets! Feel free to share your ideas with us too!

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