Why is a policy of fair prices all year round more ethical than a policy of sales?

Why is a policy of fair prices all year round more ethical than a policy of sales?

Although sales are a well-established commercial practice and seen as an opportunity by consumers in search of bargains, they are not without their commercial abuses.

At Kalani-home, we offer fair prices all year round and reject the strategy of massive or even fake discounts. This policy underlines our commitment to fair and affordable prices all year round for top-of-the-range, natural, organic, Fairtrade and ethical products.

What is the origin of sales?

Originally, sales were a way for retailers to clear unsold stock at the end of the season. Some small retailers still rely on this practice to sell off old collections and maintain their cash flow. However, sales have evolved to become a major contributor to the growth of the consumer society, raising concerns about their impact on the environment. What’s more, small retailers sometimes suffer too, as they find it hard to compete with the big names, resulting in a drop in their customer base and margins.

Drifting sales and their ecological and economic impact

Excessive sales encourage over-consumption, excessive production and programmed obsolescence, putting great pressure on workers and encouraging the generation of waste. Finally, they sometimes encourage brands to engage in deceptive marketing practices, such as inflating prices beyond the real value of products to offer attractive discounts. Another example is that, as soon as production of a collection is launched, overproduction is common practice, accompanied by the early pre-labelling of 20 to 40% of production with crossed-out price tags in anticipation of sales. This practice is no figment of the imagination… Bruno, the founder of Kalani, has observed it on several occasions during his professional career, both in production plants in Europe and in Asia.

Small businesses and niche brands also suffer from these discount periods. It is difficult for them to compete with the offers of the major chains, which can lead to a drop in their customer base during the sales period. Their margins, which are already lower than those of the major chains, are significantly reduced during this period. Small businesses that differentiate themselves through the quality of their products are sometimes sidelined because the sales focus on low prices and bargains, rather than on quality.

A fair pricing policy all year round at Kalani

At Kalani, the mission is to make high-end, sustainable (organic/Fairtrade/Ethical/Fair Trade/Vegan) homeware affordable and accessible to the majority of people. We maintain a policy of fair prices all year round, not adhering to traditional sales.

A policy of fair prices throughout the year is good for organic cotton farmers, production workers and customers. In addition, a fair price offers transparency about the real value and quality of a product. It includes its cost of production, which is fair, taking into account stakeholders (social responsibility) and environmental sustainability (environmental responsibility). In addition, it promotes responsible consumption (conscious, ethical and sustainable) and does not encourage impulse buying.


Kalani also offers affordable products. On average, Kalani’s prices are 2 to 3 times lower than those of brands offering similar quality products sold in traditional retail outlets. This is possible thanks to Kalani’s model, with no intermediaries either upstream or downstream, thus avoiding all unnecessary margins. Read more information on the brand’s ‘Transparency’ page.


In short, sales, from their historical origins to their modern transformation, remain a pillar of commerce. However, the excesses of the market and consumers have prompted brands like ours to adopt different strategies, emphasising transparency, quality and exclusivity. During the year, we sometimes offer small promotions, but of a low percentage and never as seasonal sales, to thank our loyal customers who follow the brand on social networks and through newsletters. Kalani-home will never offer big discounts (except in the case of liquidation of a discontinued size), because the basic prices are already fair and affordable for bed linen, bath linen, bedding and loungewear, all developed and produced to be top-of-the-range, natural, organic, Fairtrade and ethical.

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