Sleep tipzzz #4 : 5 yoga postures for a better sleep

Sleep tipzzz #4 : 5 yoga postures for a better sleep

Today the 21st of June is the international yoga day. For this special day, we give you a tip to avoid taking sleeping pills – with heavy side effects and which the body struggle to eliminate – to get a better sleep.

The brain is constantly active, stimulated from all sides and more complicated to relax than the body. When we suffer from anxiety and tiredness, we often face sleeping disorder like insomnia.

We all know the advice to avoid screens and stimulation before going to sleep or lavender essential oil drops on the pillow. But there is another way, natural and cheaper, to relieve daily tensions, calm the mind, relax the body and boost the sleep.

Breathing is a pillar in yoga, just taking the time to realise we are, actually, breathing.

To do so, the combination of abdominal breathing and few yoga postures may help you.

We advise you to practice this set on a hard mattress or on a yoga/gym mat.

1. Legs inversion on a wall

Lay down close to a wall and lift your legs up to the wall as you have your heels against the wall and ideally straight legs.

Hands on your belly, inhale, the belly expands, exhale the belly shrinks.

Close your eyes to better feel the movements.

2. Seated butterfly

This posture helps to sooth hips muscles and the lower back.

Seated, straight back, join the feet with the knees pointing outside and hold your feet or your ankles. Try to put your feet the closest to your pubis. Optionally, you can fold forward while keep your spine straight.

3. Head-to-knee bend forward

This posture stretches the back and lateral muscles and relieve neck muscles tensions. The relaxation encourages an easy fall asleep and improve the general sleep.

Seated, straight back, stretch the right leg forward, left foot close to the right thigh. Straight arms try to reach your foot and avoid arching. Maintain a straight spine and neck, gaze at your foot.

Do the other side.

4. Eye of the needle

Laying down, bend your legs with feet close to your buttocks. Bring your left knee to your chest and place your left ankle on your right knee. Grab your right thigh behind the knee and bring the right knee close to you.

Do the other side.

5. Reclining abdominal twist

This posture releases and relaxes back muscles and soothes spine tensions.

Laying down, bring your knees close to your chest and twist them to the right until they touch the floor/the bed, extend the arms on the sides and gaze to the left side.

Do the other side.

With this evening routine, you will help to calm the body and the mind. Together with Kalani bed sheets, you have the keys for a good night’s sleep.

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