How do you warm up your bed without turning on the heating in your bedroom?

How do you warm up your bed without turning on the heating in your bedroom?

With the explosion of energy costs and the trend to save energy firstly for financial reasons and secondly for environmental reasons, this is a very topical question that most people are asking. And you know what? We have some tips on how to get a good night’s sleep while minimising your financial and environmental impact.

Are you heating your room less or not at all to save energy? Do you dread crawling into a cold bed? Are your sheets always too cold?
Don’t panic, in this article we answer all your questions and guide you towards good practices that are comfortable, warm, ecological and economical! Can we dream of anything better? 😉

The ideal temperature for a bedroom is 18°C. But with little or no heating, on very cold nights, or if you live in a poorly insulated house, the temperature in your bedroom may be much lower than the ideal temperature.
Nowadays, experts from all over the world recommend lowering the thermostats by one degree, in order to make substantial savings without losing too much comfort. At Kalani, we advise you not to turn on the heating at all in your bedroom! And we even see a double benefit: on the quality of your sleep and on your wallet.

But how do you cope with a cold bed? Because we all agree that slipping into a cold bed when you go to sleep, or to relax and read a book before falling into the arms of Morpheus, is clearly not the most pleasant sensation.

Don’t worry, we’re not maso, we’re sharing our list of tips and tricks to warm up your bed and ensure a peaceful night’s sleep.

Choosing the right bedding

Understanding the differences in bedding qualities is essential to making the right choices and investing in bedding that suits your specific needs and circumstances.
Kalani bedding products are naturally anti-dust mite and machine washable up to 60°C.

A good warm duvet

Invest in a good duvet!
Kalani also offers temperate warm natural duvets, made in France. With a GOTS organic cotton cover and a filling of 90% French white duck down and 10% ultra-bubbled feathers to maximise its loft, our light and fluffy temperate duvet meets all the criteria of an excellent top-of-the-range duvet but at affordable prices, because as with all our products, we have no intermediaries. This means that we can always offer a durable, sustainable, high quality product that is finally affordable.


Comfortable and warm pillows

A good hotel-quality down and feather pillow is also recommended. Down provides comfort, softness and fluffiness. The feathers provide support and maximise loft if they are selected for their ultra-cushioned properties. A natural down and feather pillow regulates temperature better than a latex or synthetic pillow. It will therefore increase warmth and thermal comfort in winter, without making you drip in summer.
Kalani offers classic soft natural pillows (for those who sleep on their back or sides), classic semi-firm natural pillows (for those who sleep on their sides) or flat semi-firm natural pillows (for those who sleep on their front or back).
Kalani pillows are made in France, in a high quality factory that produces these ultra comfortable pillows in three parts (3 chambers). The GOTS organic cotton envelope contains 2 sections (on each side of the pillow so you can’t go wrong) made of 90% down and only 10% feathers for an ultra soft and wonderfully comfortable welcome, and a pillow core made of 90% feathers and 10% down for optimal support and ergonomics.

To prolong the life of pillows, it is recommended to use pillow protectors. Kalani offers pillow protectors made of GOTS certified organic cotton fleece, without unhealthy and sweaty waterproof membranes, because the underlay should protect the pillow from stains, while leaving it with its primary functions of support, comfort and breathability (absorption of body moisture at night, wicking of moisture during the day).

A warm and cosy mattress topper

For those who can afford it, investing in a down mattress topper is the ultimate in comfort, worthy of the finest luxury hotels and palaces. Sleeping with a good duvet and down pillows is already great. But sleeping on the softness of a down mattress topper gives you the extraordinary feeling of sleeping on a cloud or in a cloud if the duvet is as good as the topper.
Kalani offers natural mattress toppers designed in GOTS organic cotton envelopes, and composed of a welcome section on the upper part with 90% French white duck down and 10% feathers and a support section on the lower part (in contact with the mattress) composed of 90% feathers and 10% down.
To prolong the life of the mattress and mattress topper, it is recommended to use a mattress protector under the fitted sheet. Kalani’s mattress toppers are only 2.5cm thick, but with an ultra-lofty feel that guarantees a cloud effect and unbeatable comfort.

Kalani offers mattress protectors made of GOTS certified organic cotton fleece without unhealthy and breathable waterproof membranes, because the mattress protector must protect the mattress or possible mattress topper from stains while leaving its primary functions of support, comfort and breathability (absorption of body moisture at night, evacuation of moisture during the day).

Choosing the right sheets

Organic cotton percale is great in the summer, because it’s cool and stays cool even in the heat of the day. For cool or cold nights, the ultimate is the cotton Jersey! It’s super soft, ultra-soft, cosy, warm but not too hot, very breathable and doesn’t make you sweat like flannel. Jersey yes, but not just any Jersey. Kalani Cotton Jersey is a Premium Jersey made from GOTS and Fairtrade organic cotton, specially developed for its exceptional and durable quality.
For cooler nights, we also recommend our best-selling 300 thread count cotton sateen made from GOTS and Fairtrade organic cotton, for its super soft, ultra-soft and silky feel (not cold, but not hot either). Exceptional quality sheets, which can be appreciated in winter, summer or mid-season.

Add a plaid to your bed to keep it warm

Adding a plaid or blanket to your duvet, especially at the feet, is a simple and economical way to add weight and warmth to an area of the bed that tends to stay colder. Kalani offers a collection of 130x180cm GOTS and Fairtrade organic cotton throws, which provide warmth to the feet and legs by laying them across the bottom of the bed.

Warming the bed with a hot water bottle
The solution of our beloved grandmothers: bring out the hot water bottles! (with hot water or cherry pits). To warm the bed before going to bed and keep them at our feet afterwards, hot water bottles remain a winter ritual that is not only very pleasant, but also allows you to warm your bed without heating the room.

Using an electric blanket

Yes but no! It’s not a good idea, it’s a Chinese gadget, it consumes electricity, it can be dangerous if it’s defective (fires, electric shocks, etc.) and above all it’s not good for your sleep! Electrifying your bed, creating a magnetic field, there is nothing worse to disturb your sleep and the balance of your energies.

Wearing heavy socks

Socks under the duvet are considered a love-killer for some, adopted by others, and yet it is a false illusion! It may be defensible to keep your feet warm for a few minutes while the bed warms up, but if you want to stay warm all night, it is essential to remove the socks as soon as the bed and feet are warm. If you have circulation problems, a hot water bottle is a better option.

Warming up your pyjamas

Putting your pyjamas (if you wear them!) on a radiator or towel dryer allows you to put on warm pyjamas before getting into bed and avoid the feeling of a cold bed while the bed warms up.
If you are looking for durable pyjamas for children and/or adults, we recommend Fred & Louis pyjamas, tested and approved! A great social project behind this unique concept and its designer at heart! Once the bed temperature is comfortable, dropping the pyjamas can guarantee staying warm all night long…

Making love under the duvet

What a great idea! But I don’t need to tell you how to do it! You all know how to do it, you just have to find the right partner 🙂
What you need to know is that human warmth is the quickest to deploy, the cheapest, and the most enjoyable. What creates heat under the duvet is not the duvet itself, a good duvet will capture and retain the heat, but the heat in a bed is always created by human heat. The human body at 36.6°C on average, is a natural heat source that will radiate between the skin and the first layer of insulation detected. If you are naked (or almost naked) under the duvet, the body heat will spread throughout the space between the body and the duvet. If the duvet is of very good quality, its insulation will ensure that the heat remains constant and sufficient to give you that much needed warmth. If you wear heavy pyjamas, a jumper and socks under the duvet, your body heat will remain in the small space between your body and your pyjamas, and the space between your pyjamas and your duvet will remain cold. So you will still feel cold despite the pyjamas.

Sleeping high for more warmth

The cold air stays down and the heat rises, so you will be warmer on a bunk bed with a thick mattress and a high box spring, rather than on a mattress on the floor. So you will have a less cold room if it is at the top of the house or on a mezzanine compared to the ground floor.

Insulate your home and bedroom to keep you warm

Of course, the best heat is that which is not lost. Good insulation of windows, doors, walls and especially the roof is the best way to save energy, avoid draughts and keep the heat in your home and therefore in your room.

Put on a nightcap

Help me! We are not fashion victims, but the cold still has its limits. Who would dare to wear a night cap to bed? We want pictures… 🙂

If you have other tips and tricks, please share them with us!

Thanks and see you soon


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