Certified organic home linen, a recognised sustainable approach

Certified organic home linen, a recognised sustainable approach

If you follow Kalani on social networks, via newsletters or on our Blog, it is probably because you use and like Kalani products or simply because you enjoy following the evolution of our brand.An evolution that has been a real adventure since the creation of Kalani in 2016. We imagined this concept, which has since been widely copied in neighbouring countries, but never equalled!

Kalani, before being a brand, is an entrepreneurial adventure, but above all a human one, thanks to our partners who believed in us and embarked on our dreams of a better world, and this, from the very first day, and also thanks to all the encounters that followed, thanks to you, our dear customers, who dare to say it, are our best ambassadors, to our friends, our new partners, our trainees and our employees…

We have seen a lot of crises: Covid, the repeated lockdowns, the raw materials crisis, the transport crisis, the climate crises, the energy crisis and the purchasing power crisis.
It has not always been easy to keep the Cape, but we are proud and happy to see how far we have come. We may not be growing at the same speed as others in the same sector, but we are growing, with a model based on respect and resilience. We still have many dreams and projects to share with you, but with our feet firmly on the ground and our head on our shoulders, we remain and will remain aligned with our values. We claim it!

All this would of course never have been possible without you, our dear customers, who have improved your nights and/or days thanks to the quality and comfort of Kalani products. We are extremely grateful for your trust, your support, your encouragement, your likes and messages on social networks, your opinions and feedback on our products on the website, on Google and on Facebook, but also for talking about it so well around you. In this age of new technologies, we always smile when we realise that you have heard about it from a friend of a friend, your favourite cousin’s teenagers, your husband who heard one of his colleagues talking about it during lunch…


Sustainability in Kalani’s DNA.

As mentioned above, sustainability is part of the DNA of our lovely brand. And we don’t hide behind certifications, we do much more than what we say. We are committed to so much more than most textile brands do, right from the cotton fields, as we buy the beautiful Cotton Bio/Fairtrade directly from the cotton cooperative we have been partnering with for 6 years.

Certifications alone are not enough, as it is important for a brand to go further, to check what it is doing itself and to question itself.

However, these certifications are important, because they officially attest to our commitments and guarantee you control by third parties. This is why :
– all our products are GOTS certified organic cotton by Ecocert GreenLife since 2016.
– we are certified Fairtrade Cotton by FLO-Cert since 2016
– we are VEGAN certified, approved and certified by PETA since 2017
– we are Company Carbon Neutral certified by Climate Partner since 2021


logo certifications fairtrade






You can find all our certifications on this page of our website.

Sustainable certifications yes, but also awards and recognitions!

We are fortunate to have seen our company, our brand, our teams, our products, rewarded by prizes, awards and recognitions. For example:

In 2022, we won the Award: Sustainability Professional 2022
This is an award given in 2022 by the leading association Time4Society, which plays a key role in the Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability of Belgian companies. The association has joined forces with the FEB-VBO, in collaboration with Deloitte and the business magazine Trends Tendance, to reward the efforts made in terms of Sustainable Development policy by Bruno Van Steenberghe, Founder of Kalani-Home, but also the entire Kalani team for the achievements, partnerships, products and communication since the creation of the brand in 2016.






In 2021 and 2020, Kalani-Home has been recognised as a “Leading Brand” in the Textile industry worldwide, in terms of Sustainable Strategy despite its small size. It is a huge recognition for a very small company to be on the bench of some of the great Pioneer brands like Patagonia, Veja, Armed Angels, and 34 other global brands recognised as inspiring Brand Leaders for their sector.

In 2019, Kalani-Home has been recognised as the “Best VEGAN Bedding Brand” by Peta.
This award was given by PETA France for brands and designers that beautify homes while respecting animal welfare.

If sustainable development, certified organic, Fairtrade, ethical and fair trade products are part of our DNA, this is not the case for many competitors who don’t need much to proclaim themselves “eco-responsible” and win the Greenwashing award (we already talked about this in another article here). We feel it is essential to underline this point, in these times when communication is sometimes too quickly “thrown around”, ephemeral and linked to an “eco-responsible” trend that is put in all sorts of places.

You still have questions about Kalani-home’s Sustainable Development? Ask us your questions below, we will be happy to tell you more and answer all your questions or doubts.

And thank you again for following us, you are fantastic. Thank you! Thank you!

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