Soft Natural Pillow

Soft Natural Pillow


Our soft and supple natural pillow has been designed for those who are used to sleeping on their back and/or on their side. Its three filling chambers, two ultra-soft and cuddly pillow sections and a soft pillow core, guarantee optimal comfort and support in all positions.



New natural filling:

  • ultra-soft and cozy on both sides in 90% pure down / 10% pure feathers
  • soft support in the middle made of 90% pure feathers / 10% pure down

= 100% French white duck

Very resistant cover: 100% certified organic combed cotton, tightly woven 230TC (91fils/cm2) to be down proof and prevent the passage of dust mites.


  • Ideal if you sleep on the side and/or the back
  • Soft and supple organic pillow with 3 chambers for guaranteed comfort and support
  • Pillow that keeps the spine straight while sleeping on the side or back
  • Pure white piping finish, invisible through white sheets
  • Packed in a beautiful signature seabag made of GOTS organic cotton to be stored in a wardrobe or carried on holiday (for those who can’t sleep without it).
  • High quality white French duck down
  • Down and feathers selected for their high filling power of 750 CUIN
  • Tightly woven down proof cover that prevents the down and feathers from escaping
  • 100% Cotton GOTS certified, traceable, GMO forbidden, eco-friendly and non-toxic dyes, healthy, environmental friendly and respecting biodiversity
  • OEKO-TEX 100® certified product
  • DOWNPASS® certified product
  • Respect for animal welfare: the down and feathers are not from live animals 100% of the French food industry is up-cycled
  • Naturally ANTI-DUST MITES with no chemical treatment
  • Dry cleaning or machine washable at 60° Maximum
  • Designed with passion, manually crafted with love for customers happiness
  • Made locally in France

Size Guide

Kalani Size Guide

Care Guide

Care guide Literie


For optimal use, it is recommended to :

  • Take the product (duvet, pillow, mattress topper) out of its packaging at least 24 hours before first use so that it regains its fullness.
  • Shake your down duvet daily, when making your bed, to ensure a perfect distribution of the down and feathers.
  • Pat your down pillow flat daily, while making your bed, to give it a perfect shape before you lie down on it again.
  • Shake your down mattress topper or pat your mattress topper every two weeks minimum, while making your bed, to distribute the down and feathers evenly and give it more volume.
  • Reverse the top and bottom of your duvet and mattress topper at least once a fortnight (ideally every week) following the instructions on the sewn-in head and foot label which is designed to guide you easily with a large arrow. This will also ensure an even distribution of the natural filling.
  • On a sunny day, lay the duvet and overlay between two chairs or by the window for a few hours to air it out as often as possible and at least three times a year (avoid hanging it on a clothesline to prevent the filling from pooling).
  • Follow the washing and drying recommendations carefully to get the most out of your beautiful bedding and to make it last as long as possible.

Duvet and pillow care


  • A duvet in a “duvet cover” does not require frequent washing.
  • If an untimely stain leads to the need to wash it, it is essential to follow the washing instructions, remove the stain with a suitable product before washing and, preferably, avoid washing it more than once a year.
  • Wash your bedding once a year (in the washing machine or by a professional). If done properly, this annual wash will restore its lightness and loft.
  • Temperate and winter duvets, machine washable (wasserette) with a 15 kg drum machine.
  • Summer duvets, machine washable or wasserette washable with a minimum 6-7 kg drum.
  • Machine washable pillows with a minimum of 5 kg drum.
  • Do not overload your machine (to avoid damaging the seal of your drum).
  • Bedding can be washed at 60° from time to time, but we advise you to wash at 30°- 40°, which is just as effective as high temperatures. This protects the textiles, the environment and… your wallet.
  • Our bedding is naturally anti-dust mite, as the organic cotton covers are tightly woven Down Proof and anti-dust mite.
  • When it comes to washing powder, we recommend using a mild, liquid washing powder, but only in the correct dosage. Liquid detergent is more soluble and rinses out much better. For bedding with natural fillings, the volume and suppleness will be preserved with a “special wool” detergent.
  • In terms of rinsing, 5 or 6 rinses are necessary to remove the detergent from the filling.


  • Dry bedding immediately after washing, avoid leaving it damp in the machine.
  • Tumble dry on a synthetic or delicate programme. Minimum 4 hours or until completely dry. It is important that your duvet, pillow or mattress topper is completely dry to avoid mould growth later on.
  • Tip for optimal drying: weigh your duvet or pillows before washing them. They should weigh the same when they come out of the dryer. If they are heavier, this means that they still contain too much moisture and need to be re-dried one or more times.
  • Remember to place 2-3 dryer balls or tennis balls in the drum to recover the bulk of your bedding. And don’t hesitate to put your pillows in the dryer for 30 minutes every 2 months, even without washing them, to keep the fluffiness with 2-3 dryer balls


  • Bedding products do not need to be ironed

Washing the mattress topper

In theory, the mattress topper does not need to be washed, as it is normally protected by your fitted sheet and mattress protector. However, you can wash it following the same instructions as for duvets and pillows. Given the volume of a mattress topper, it is recommended that you leave it to a professional.

Why is our bedding ‘naturally’ dust mite free?

Nobody is really allergic to feathers and down. People who are allergic to dust mites are in fact allergic to the dust in some bedding that feeds the mites. If the feather and down are well treated, well dusted and well protected, there is no more allergy. This is also one of the big differences between good European bedding and cheap bedding without expertise.

You might think that a duvet or pillow with a synthetic filling would be more mite-proof, because it is easier to wash at higher temperatures. But this is not the case, as synthetic fibres are hollow and literally act as a hotel for dust mites. In addition, the fabrics of most cheap synthetic duvets are completely permeable to the passage of dust mites to their preferred location.

Some manufacturers add chemical dust mite treatments to duvets, feathers and feathers to create a repellent effect. These products are not recommended for sleeping with the nose on every night and they diminish and eventually disappear after a few washes (10 washes only resistance for the best products).

The best way to avoid dust mites is to use naturally dust mite free bedding and to wash your bed sheets once a week.

Our French duvets and feathers are treated in a high quality factory and go through several washes and 4 to 5 stages of dusting (compared to 1-2 for Chinese products) before being stored and used as bedding filling, which guarantees 0% dust mites.

In addition, we have chosen a cotton percale bedding cover, woven very tightly in 230TC (91fils/cm2) and are therefore what is known as Down Proof in the jargon, which prevents the passage of down and feathers, but also so that dust mites have no chance of passing through the fabric.

Our natural duvets, natural pillows and natural mattress toppers are therefore naturally dust mite proof.

If you are allergic to dust mites we have a blog post with interesting information about this here.



9 reviews for Soft Natural Pillow

  1. Dutch


    Zeer comfortabel kussen.

  2. Dutch



  3. French


    Un vrai confort de pouvoir s’endormir sur cet oreiller 🙂

  4. Dutch


    Als je op je zij slaapt, dan is dit het perfecte kussen.

  5. French


    Ayant déjà essayé plusieurs sortes d’oreiller vu que j’ai une nuque fragile, je suis très contente du format 60/70 en oreiller souple. C’est un article qui me convient très bien étant donné que je dors sur les côtés et sur le dos, donc je trouve toujours la place idéale pour mon confort.

  6. French


    Nous conviennent parfaitement

  7. French


    Super confortable , idéal pour la nuque, parfait 😊

  8. Dutch


    Kussen gekozen op basis van de beschrijving op de website, die aangeeft welk kussen geschikt is bij welke slaaphouding. Het blijkt een uitstekende keuze. Mijn volgende kussen koop ik zeker opnieuw bij Kalani!

  9. French


    Souffrant de raideur dans la nuque au réveil, eh bien c’est fini ! Parfait!

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