GrEAT! Granola, from good taste to great ideas

GrEAT! Granola, from good taste to great ideas

Like mentioned in our bio, we started our latest series “Discover” with grEAT! granola. It has been a beautiful discovery for us as well as a great example for young generations who wish to become entrepreneurs. It’s several chance meetings which led Amélie to launch her start-up and live of her passions.

But… who is Amélie, the person behind grEAT! Granola?

Amélie is 25 years old, studied Management Engineering and is passionate about cooking and sustainable development. Although many signs could have predestined her to creating her own start-up, this wasn’t exactly how Amélie had envisioned her career… And, yet…


A series of chance meetings…

It’s during an exchange in Argentina that Amélie started creating her first granola blends. At the end of her studies, Amélie traveled and helped in the kitchen of a Colombian permaculture farm, Mundo Nuevo in Minca. She had the opportunity to delight the volunteers with granola for breakfast (cooked with panela of course, in other words cane sugar, a Colombian specialty).

Once she came back home to Belgium, Amélie started working in the food industry. In September 2015, she filled a lunchbox dedicated to charity with some of her granola. From there, the first orders came flowing in. One thing led to another and Amélie laid the basis for her trademark. Supported by her friends and family, she decided to take the plunge end of 2015.

The joy of tasty and gluten-free healthy food!

Her slogan is “When healthy meets tasty”, as Amélie’s primary motivation is to inspire people to eat healthy, yet tasty and environmentally-friendly food.

grEAT! granola is homemade Belgian organic & gluten-free granola. It’s a food product which claims to be equally healthy and delicious! Indeed, the granola is cooked 100% with coconut oil and maple/agave syrup.

3 different tastes :

    • CHOCO’NUTZ : Powerful mix of oats, buckwheat, hazelnuts & dark chocolate.
    • APPLE & PECAN : A delicious blend of oats, buckwheat, seeds, pecan & dried apple … a touch of cinnamon
    • RISE & SHINE : A mix of grains, seeds & nuts topped with cranberries, poffed quinoa & coconut chips. Cinnamon hint.

Why is grEAT! granola a healthy choice ? Baked with whole oats, high in fibres & protein, refined sugar free & good fats: The baking involves the exclusive use of maple, agave syrup & coconut oil.

To find  grEAT! Granola it’s here.

We tried it… and we’re already hooked!

The granola shall delight you for breakfast in bed or as a healthy and energizing snack, at any time of the day. Besides, did you know that granola is also delicious in a salad with some goat’s cheese and warm apple?

So, what’s your dream, Amélie? 

“My dream today is to pursue my passion (in fact, I’m currently busy creating my own workshop, in the most environmentally-friendly way possible), launch a collection of healthy snacks and continue to offer a range of quality and healthy products. I am also still actively looking for several team members to grow and evolve with. And, of course, continue to inspire people to eating healthy”.

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