What’s Fairtrade ?

What’s Fairtrade ?

What is Fairtrade ? And what are the commitments linked to the label ?
Here is the serie of 7 commitments. Because fairtrade it’s not only a name or a concept and because people behind have a face, a smile and are as human as we are… Meet with the people working for Kalani


Commitment #1

Fair Living Wage : people receive a wage that allows them and their family to live, eat, to have access to schools, healthcare, and have the ability to spare money for unpredictable expenses.

Commitment #2

Worker Empowerment : securing position status within companies, so they have a durable work.

Commitment #3

Safe Workplace : use of protective clothing, proper handling, safety issues…

Commitment #4

Conditions of employment : requirements related to working hours, overtime, contracts …

Commitment #5

Apprentice program : encourage companies to form young workers (with legal age of course) to have skills and to develop trained workforce.

Commitment #6

Prohibition of harmful material : to reduce negative impact by controlling chemical use (of course at Kalani, we only work with organic cotton and are GOTS certified, so it’s even better than Fair-trade only 🙂

Commitment #7

Training and awareness : make people aware of their rights as workers.

Credit Photo : Chetco

More information on :  Fairtrade International (FLO)

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