Fairtrade Week : 10 amazing days to deep dive into our values.

Fairtrade Week : 10 amazing days to deep dive into our values.

Why are we waking up and going to bed every day? For most of the people it’s to go to work. It’s also true at Kalani, except that we have also decided to live from our passion and sometimes … it happens that we are missing some sleep … especially with the effervescence of the September month, with the preparation of the Fairtrade week and our “excursion to Washington DC” for the annual conference of Textile Exchange. And this busy time was so inspiring that we wanted to share it with you with an article on the blog!

Retrospective on the start of the October month full of intensity and making a lot of « sense ».

From 4th until 14th October 2017, it was the Fairtrade week in Belgium. Annual campaign and the biggest pacific demonstration with the objective to bring a minimum of 750.000 participants to show the commitments for fair living wages … and this, simply buying Fairtrade products everywhere.


Simply because today 1 person on 9 still live below the poverty level and 75% are farmer’s families and because we can link this phenomenon directly to our way to consume goods.

Kalani has participated to this annual campaign (we initially thought to ask you for a banana dance), but we have instead decided to organise an entrance in the Kalani bed sheets production backstage to explain you what are the Fairtrade commitments and from what our commitments made of.

During the participation to 2 Fairtrade villages, we went to meet people in the streets with didactic educational boards to rise awareness about fairtrade and organic practices. And yes it’s not only reserved for what we eat 😉 We wanted to demonstrate and explain that it’s also applicable to many other products such as also the one we are using to sleep and where we spend 30% of our life, such as the bed linens (sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, …) but also to many other products from everyday use.

For the absent minded 😉 and the ones who missed our posts on the social medias, this is a recap of the Fairtrade commitments and a short tour in the production backstage of the Kalani bed linen.

What’s Fairtrade? And what are the commitments ?

Find the commitments stories. Because Fairtrade is not only a name or a concept, and because the people behind, have face, have shy smiles, and are as much human beings as we are of course …

Fairtrade Commtiments are here !

For more information

https://www.fairtrade.net, http://fairtradebelgium.be

Ethically yours,


for the Kalani Team

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