The 6 good resolutions of 2018, for a healthier life in harmony with nature.

The 6 good resolutions of 2018, for a healthier life in harmony with nature.

Resolution #1
I buy only what I need, I recycle, I reuse, I give, I borrow

Do you often buy things, goods that you don’t need ? Do you sometimes feel overloaded with over-maketing ? It’s maybe time change your habits. Why not reuse what you have, give what you don’t need, borrow what you need seldom, recycle or upcycle things you don’t know what do with…? The alternative is also buying only good quality products and support local brands and business for a sustainable grow that respects the nature and people.

Resolution #2
When I have the choice, I buy more ORGANIC products

How much time do you think we still have left consuming the way we do today ?
The planet is at risk, our health is at risk, to many people in the world are abused. but you can make a difference, by choosing ORGANIC products whenever you can, for you, for your community, for the other people and for the planet! #consciouslifestyle

Resolution #3

I TAKE CARE of myself and spend more time with my family and friends

Do you often have the feeling of living too fast, buy ing too much, working too hard, and then being exhausted. This year, taking care of yourself, and spend more time with your family and your friends ! How do you feel just by this simple lovely idea ?

Resolution #4

If I have the choice, I buy more FAIR TRADE products

It’s a fact… Everyone on earth isn’t born equal ! Does that means that we have to accept that we produce products that doesn’t provide a LIVING WAGE to other people that don’t have our chance ? Buying FAIR TRADE products whenever you can, can make a difference directly to the people, because each fair trade product purchase improve LIVES somewhere in the world !

Resolution #5

I Invest in my SLEEP

How much time do you spend in your bed or sleeping ? In average, we spend more than 30% of our lives in our bed, more than 25 years in a lifetime, my bedroom is my private room. Investing in good products for your SLEEP, your HEALTH and your general WELLBEING is must, right ? A good sleep is essential for your happiness and your performances. Are you ready to change your nights ?

Resolution #6

I decide to be HAPPY and make other people happy

Are your tired, exhausted, sick, overloaded, unhappy, burnout ? … You can decide to be HAPPY and make other people HAPPY ! Have already tried some positive mind attitude ? Waking up avery day smiling can be a good start… what is the thing that can make you smile all day long ?

Leave a comment with your own resolutions ! 🙂

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