Duo of natural candles scented with organic cotton flower, an exclusive collaboration Aimez-vous les uns les autres x Kalani

Duo of natural candles scented with organic cotton flower, an exclusive collaboration Aimez-vous les uns les autres x Kalani

It subtly illuminates our evenings… Its sweet scent makes us start the day in a good mood…

Our 100% Brussels candles, vegetable and 100% eco-responsible, smell fresh and organic cotton flower. They invite to relaxation and to the awareness of the small happinesses of life… simply. Our candles are hand made in Brussels. They are the little flame that animates each one of us.

Their little story begins in December 2017…

We were looking for a new product idea to offer you in the same concept as our organic, eco, ethical and timeless bed linen. We also wanted to focus this product on the local, and work with a brand sharing our values. That is to say a local artisan / startup, with sustainable development values and a zero waste spirit if possible.
During a creators & designers market in December 2017, I met Isabeau, and I immediately adored her personality, her gait, and her magnificent candles, vegetable, vegan, and handmade.

Ecological and handcrafts concept

Seduced by this concept of natural and vegetable candles (vegan), we proposed her to associate us with her brand and to release a Kalani special edition “Enlight your nights & Embrace your days” in duo Night / Day available since 1 month (already) on our e-store.

The candles contain only natural soy wax, FSC wood wicks, a few drops of organic essential oil from Grasse (South of France), in up-cycled glass jars, packed in a reusable fabric pouch, all in a beautiful gift box signed by the brand’s slogan. They are made by Isabeau herself, and she puts all her heart into them.


A few words about Isabeau and her know-how

Isabeau is a pure Brussels multi-entrepreneur; creator, graphic designer, web designer, author, organizer of magical and unusual moments. In addition to all this, she has managed to put all her knowledge, her passions and why she wakes up every morning in the form of a collection beautiful scented candles in small recycled jars. Or upcycled better said!

What is upcycling actually?

It is even better than recycling, because objects that no longer have any use are reused to divert them to another use. In this case, the small jars come from the catering industry. She buys them back and makes candles out of them. And in turn, you can reuse them for something else, or even have them refilled at 1334projet with Isabeau.

Kalani plant candle

For our collaboration, we have chosen a soft scent with organic cotton flower, and a day and night duo design to accompany you from sunrise to sunset.
We have chosen one size for our candles duo, but its original brand “Aimez-vous les uns les autres” offers you other sizes and other scents. For more information, visit her magnificent e-store. You will discover even more about Isabeau, her approach and her brand. Follow the Aimez-vous les uns les autres website link

We wish you a nice discovery!

And don’t forget! When you buy local, a young creator does his little “happy dance”!

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