Meet the Kalani team #2

Meet the Kalani team #2

Kalani is a small team of motivated people who believe that changing things and ways of producing and consuming is possible.
So who are the people working to make this project possible? For our second “Meet the team”, we introduce Muriel, the co-founder of Tilt Factory who developed Kalani’s online shop for organic cotton and Fairtrade bed linen.

Muriel, the face behind the kalani-home e-shop.

About 2 years ago, when Kalani was in its thinking and creation phase, one of the first challenges, after having found the name, developed the logo and created the visual atmosphere of the brand, it was necessary in parallel to create the Kalani-home e-shop. So we needed an easily adaptable online sales system, a relatively fast development and above all (when you are a start-up) an affordable budget that would allow us to continue to develop other things afterwards. That’s when I met Muriel from Tilt Factory. You could say that between us, it “tilted”. Muriel liked the Kalani approach and we were able to set up a great collaboration.
Who is Muriel?
Muriel is co-founder of Tilt Factory, a web agency located in St-Gilles on a human scale, because it also counts for us. Muriel is probably the most optimistic and customer-oriented person I have ever met. With it, the expression “the customer is king” takes all its meaning, but in a natural and extraordinary respect.
We asked him some questions about his relationship with Kalani:

1. Why did you choose to work on the Kalani project before it was launched? What seduced you?
Muriel: when Bruno explained his project to me, I was directly seduced by his idea and the values for which he wakes up every morning.
Pay farmers and manufacturers the right price to allow them to live in dignity, while being almost 50% cheaper than its competitors for top quality, what more could you ask for?
Organic and Fairtrade cotton? That’s also the case!
This social and environmental approach immediately touched me.

2. What was the best experience for you in creating the online store
Muriel: a beautiful professional and human encounter.
And of course, the discovery of the pleasure of sleeping in sheets of this quality.

3. How do you imagine Kalani in 10 years?
Muriel: I wish the Kalani brand to be recognized by as many people as possible for its production quality and the values it conveys.

4. If you had to describe Kalani in one word, which one would it be?
Muriel : a word that would combine both words “superior quality and respect for producers”.
A very very beautiful brand of high quality bed linen from all points of view.

5. What are your favourite Kalani sheets? and why?
Muriel: at home we all fell in love for the cotton Premium Jersey Duvet Covers, Pillowcases and Fitted Sheets. There are really very soft and terribly comfortable.
Only happiness! That said, cotton Sateen is also a beautiful discovery for me.
Muriel decided to leave Tilt Factory at the end of June 2018. I want to thank her publicly because she is an exceptional person; her great professionalism, her experience in communication and her diligence are legend among her clients. We wish him well on her journey and new discoveries in his future challenges.
Bruno Van Steenberghe, founder of Kalani

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