Meet the team #7

Meet the team #7

Kalani is a small team of motivated people who believe that changing things and ways of producing and consuming is possible. So who are the people working to make this project possible? Our “Meet the team #7”, is dedicated to Bruno, Founder of Kalani.

Kalani is 2 years old now, for this first Meet the team of 2019, we start with Bruno, founder of Kalani, without whom obviously the project and the brand would not exist…. The opportunity to make a mini review and to retrace the highlights of these 2 years. We will then talk about the involvement that it means to be an entrepreneur, the joys, the happy moment, the more difficult parts too and how to find the best possible balance between family and work.

… back to these 2 years since the launch until today.

1. Bruno, here are 6 short questions to answer to review in a few words the journey of the last 2 years:

  • Your strongest moment: to receive the first orders on the e-store during the day of the launch on 30/11/2016.
  • Your greatest satisfaction: to receive weekly emails from satisfied, grateful and encouraging customers.
  • Your “worst” moment (or at least the most stressful, because we won’t lie to each other, there are some too): the migration from the online store to a new server in mid-2018 with the site down for an approximatively 30-hours period
  • Your greatest pride: to have succeeded in making high-end sustainable and durable bed linen at affordable prices by operating differently from what the market is used to get.
  • What gives you the energy to grow every day: the feeling of participating in making the world a little better for our customers, for our manufacturers and for all the farmers who grow our beautiful organic and Fairtrade cotton with dignity.
  • Two tips (in the form of 2/3 words) that you would give to future entrepreneurs: dare to dream

2. When you started Kalani, you knew that it would also be like having a new baby, isn’t it sometimes too difficult to find the right balance between work and family?

When you create a brand and a company, it’s like a baby. It’s new, different, exciting, sometimes scary or exhausting, but beyond that, it brings a lot of satisfaction and happiness.

At each small step we are amazed and this is the greatest joy of “creating”. I have always believed and said that it was probably easier to start a new project at 25 or 55, before or after having started a family.
Even if before we lack experience and after that we may sometimes have less energy. I didn’t follow that belief, since I did it at 40. I do not regret it because quarantine is, for many, a period with many questions and changes for many.

For my part, I decided to focus my energy, my doubts and this human questioning into a reconversion; to live and work for something that makes sense to me, but also for the world, for humanity and of course for my family.

To be honest, of the four, it is probably the family that feels the positive effects the less quickly, but I am confident that this will happen.
It is therefore not easy to find the right balance between work and family, but I also work there as for the rest:)…

3. How do you feel about your family’s support?

The support of my family is essential and vital. Fortunately, they are there and they all support me, despite difficult moments, linked to my lack of obvious presence for them.
I am a passionate and dreamy person, so when I am very busy, I tend to get lost in my head a little too much, especially when I stop working, but I try to improve myself:)

4. What do they bring to your daily work?

In my daily work, my family brings me above all a reason to live, a reason to work hard and a joy and desire to see them again at every moment.
More to the point, they often help me with a whole series of things; whether it’s for advice, an idea, a proofreading, a sales event, or operational tasks to save me time.

5. What would you like to tell them that you don’t tell them often enough?

I would like to tell them that I love them more than anything else, and that I am aware that I am not present enough for them. That I do all this for myself, but also for them and so that everyone can improve their sleeping comfort, with good sleep and by sleeping on both ears.

6. How do you see Kalani’s evolution in 5 years?

In 5 years’ time, Kalani will be a reference brand in Europe, offering durable, high-end bed linen at an affordable price. We have many ideas and projects to keep surprising everyone. It is still too early to reveal everything, but by following Kalani on social networks (Facebook Kalani, Instagram @kalanihome )you will always be informed of new features and surprises…

7. Any word to describe Kalani?


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