What are the most popular colours for a bedroom?

What are the most popular colours for a bedroom?

Today we’re tackling the following question: What are the most popular colours for bedrooms? We will also share tips on how to use them to transform your space into a true haven of peace, incorporating colour matching and dominance techniques. As a brand specialising in high-quality bed linen, we understand how crucial it is to create a harmonious environment in your bedroom. The choice of colours for your bed linen is essential, as they influence both the mood of the room and the quality of your sleep.

White, a timeless and safe choice

Often associated with purity and clarity, white is a preferred choice for bed linen thanks to its fresh and clean appearance. This colour has the power to visually expand the space of your bedroom, creating a perfect backdrop for incorporating bold and colourful decorative accents. If you’re unsure about which shade to choose for your bedroom, opt for white: a timeless and always elegant option. At Kalani, our range of white bed linen includes options in Cotton Sateen and Cotton Percale, also available in Lace Trim. For cozy comfort, we recommend our Jersey, and for summer freshness, choose our Washed Linen or Cotton Percale.

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Blue, pure serenity

Blue is also a colour of choice for bedrooms, recognised for its soothing properties. Studies suggest that blue can help lower blood pressure and calm the mind, promoting better sleep. To create a relaxing atmosphere, choose fitted sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases in soft shades such as sky blue (Air Blue) or pastel blue (Kalani Blue), and complement with touches of Midnight Blue to add depth. We offer a range of blues, from the lightest to the darkest, in several materials: Cotton Percale, Cotton Sateen, Premium Cotton Jersey and Washed Linen.

Back to nature with greens

Evoking nature, green introduces a freshness and tranquility conducive to rest. Ideal for those seeking a refreshing, energising space, sage green (Sage) or forest green (Forest) in Cotton Sateen are perfect choices for bed linen. These shades create a relaxing yet revitalising environment, even more so when combined with wood elements. Wood, whether light or dark, complements these shades of green beautifully, reinforcing the bedroom’s natural style and providing a warm, welcoming ambience.

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The elegance and modernity of gray

Gray, this neutral and elegant colour, harmonises easily with almost all decorations. Its shades, from light gray (for example, our Light Grey Melange in Cotton Jersey or our Stone Grey in Cotton Sateen or Cotton Percale) to anthracite (available in Cotton Sateen or Cotton Percale), can be enhanced with colourful accents to energise the space while maintaining a sober and chic base.

Beige, a symbol of softness and warmth

Beige, with its connotations of softness and warmth, creates a welcoming and comfortable setting. Paired with earthy tones or natural textures such as linen or organic cotton, it offers a space that is both simple, chic, and refined. For a personalized and trendy style, try combining our Sand with our Terracotta, or mix our Lilac and Sand for an elegant and modern mix & match effect.

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Integrating dominant colours and matching techniques

Our little tip for transforming your bedroom: integrate dominant colours and use matching techniques for optimal visual harmony. Adopt a dominant colour that will occupy 60% of the space, creating continuity and unity. Then add a secondary colour for 30% of the room to complement or contrast with the dominant, and finish with 10% of colourful accent touches to enliven the whole. This method, known as the 60-30-10 rule, is crucial for balancing and enhancing the aesthetics of your bedroom. To better visualise the application of the 60-30-10 rule, let’s consider this specific layout: opt for walls, duvet and headboard in shades of sky blue, representing 60% of the space and offering a serene, airy base. Then top it off with decorative pillows in cream for 30% of the decor, offering a soft, soothing shade that complements the blue. Finally, for the remaining 10%, choose accessories such as curtains and rugs in shades of coral to add a touch of warmth and dynamism to the whole.

For more information on the influence of colours on well-being, consult the article by Fiona, an expert architect in well-being: “How to choose your bedding to optimise your well-being?”.

Fiona Better at Home: https://www.betterathome.be/en

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