Escapade in a Tiny house by a lake

Escapade in a Tiny house by a lake

Are you ready for an escapade in a Tiny house by a lake? Imagine awakening your senses on the banks of the peaceful Genval lake, just a few minutes from Brussels, in a little architectural marvel called Célestine? This Tiny House, or unusual gîte, designed by a group of students, is a place where modern comfort blends harmoniously with an eco-responsible approach.

The tiny house was designed and built by Sam Henry and Nicolas Delens, students in wood construction and technology. Their initial aim was to create their own place to live! It wasn’t long before the idea of turning the tiny house into an unusual dwelling for rent became obvious. A few friends with complementary backgrounds joined the project, and Célestine was born!

Célestine is the first housing project from Ernesst, a concept created by students inspired by their reflections on our way of living and consuming. The aim is to refocus on simple pleasures, to live with less… Ernesst stands for “Epicurian Reunited for Nature Ecology and Sustainable System with Taste”, nothing less!

Célestine is a warm and welcoming setting facing Lake Genval, a Tiny House that not only provides an intimate, comfortable and charming refuge for two people, but also serves as a showcase for local products and know-how. Tiny House Célestine embodies the fusion of architectural innovation, respect for the environment and the promotion of local talent.

It was built with passion, using eco-friendly materials and salvaged elements. Sam and Nicolas breathed new life into window frames from an old local joinery…

Célestine is also a laboratory of ideas, exhibiting photographic works, offering local and artisanal products (gin, beers, soaps), and equipping itself with Kalani, Belgian, organic, sustainable and ethical bedding and linen. A clear message emerges from this approach: life can be beautiful and comfortable, while being sustainable, ethical and authentic. This is also Kalani’s vision!

In addition to these features, Tiny House Célestine is set in idyllic surroundings. Just 20 minutes from Brussels (which is also accessible by train, with a station on the other side of the hill), it offers an uninterrupted view over Lake Genval, creating the perfect getaway for those seeking simplicity and a connection with nature. Lovers of pretty walks will find plenty to do (around the lake, at the Château de La Hulpe, in the Sonian forest…).

The wood-fired heater adds a romantic touch to the space, while the outdoor terrace offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy breakfast in the fresh air. And don’t forget that you can gaze out at the stars from the comfort of your bed, warmed by Kalani’s Premium Jersey sheets! What else…?

For the past year, Ernesst has been under the professional management of Nicolas, who has many ambitions and ideas. His vision is to continue to develop the project, in particular by renovating other cabins to make unusual accommodations in different parts of our flat country. Nicolas is proud to explain that he does everything himself (from making the hole in the ground for the foundations to finishing the woodwork)! Two cabins are currently under construction and will be ready to welcome visitors by the end of the summer.

In short, Célestine is much more than just a home – it’s an experience in its own right. So if you’re looking to escape routine, reconnect with nature and support the local economy, let yourself be tempted by this unforgettable getaway on the shores of Lake Genval. An adventure that promises relaxation, inspiration and a new perspective on life.

Pictures: Emilie de Villenfagne

Phone: +32 471 26 69 59

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