Washed linen, timeless elegance at home

Washed linen, timeless elegance at home

In addition to its unique charm and elegance as well as its timelessness, washed linen also appeals for its look and feel. Its properties include durability, breathability and the ability to absorb moisture and regulate body temperature. In this article, we explore the origins of linen, what washed linen is and what its properties are.

First of all, what is linen? Where does it come from?

Linen is a natural textile made from the fibers of the flax plant. It’s grown (mostly) in Belgium, France and the Netherlands (80% of the world’s flax is grown in these three countries). In fact, the flax plant needs a cool climate, well-drained soil and plenty of rainfall. Unsurprisingly, humans have tried to maximize production of this noble raw material by planting it in many other parts of the world. Only in the Baltic States and a small region in Northern China have we been able to grow flax under the same conditions as done in Belgium, France and the Netherlands. However, this represents only 20% of the world’s flax crop.

What about “washed” linen?

This is a variant of linen, which has undergone a specific process of high-temperature water washing and industrial drying. The result? A fabric with a much softer, lighter and more pleasant texture, and one that won’t warp. What’s more, washed linen has a slightly wrinkled texture that lends it a rustic, casual charm.

You can’t go wrong with washed linen!

It will decorate your home wonderfully, giving it a raw, authentic character. Imagine your table set with a linen tablecloth, matching napkins, your best serving set and a pretty bouquet of seasonal flowers. Or your sofa with a few decorative pillows in washed linen and a pretty plaid… It’s often said that “less is more”. All it takes is a few accessories in noble materials to embellish your home in the blink of an eye.

In addition to this “decorative” aspect that your guests are sure to appreciate, the softness and lightness of washed linen make it an ideal choice for your bed linen. And that’s something you and your family will appreciate the most! So, convinced to try the total comfort of washed linen in your bed? From duvet for a guaranteed feeling of softness, to flat sheets for summer nights, as well as fitted sheets for your mattress and pillowcases, the complete linen set will surely make you happy…

Unlike traditional linen, which requires regular ironing to look impeccable, washed linen takes advantage of its wrinkled appearance. No need to iron, it keeps its natural look. Choose washed linen, or how to add a touch of effortless sophistication to your home decor!

Another major advantage of washed linen is its durability. Linen is known for its strength and longevity, and the washing process further enhances these qualities. Washed linen is more resistant to tearing and wear, which means it can be used for many years without losing its beauty or comfort, while enhancing its quality! This makes it an economic and sustainable choice, as you won’t need to replace it frequently.

Finally, washed linen also offers natural properties beneficial to your well-being. Thanks to its ability to regulate body temperature, it will keep you cool in summer and warm you up on fresher nights. What’s more, linen is naturally anti-odour, hypoallergenic and anti-acarid, making it an excellent choice for people with skin sensitivities or allergies. It’s also breathable and moisture-absorbing, so you can stay comfortably dry even in wet weather.

In conclusion, washed linen offers many advantages that make it a wise choice for your home. Its exceptional softness, elegant crumpled appearance, durability and natural properties make it a versatile fabric that blends perfectly into any decorating style. Whether you want to create a casual or sophisticated atmosphere, washed linen is an option to consider. So let yourself be seduced by the timeless elegance of washed linen and bring a touch of luxurious comfort to your home.

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