The pastel dream: 5 colours for a relaxing bedroom with good vibes

The pastel dream: 5 colours for a relaxing bedroom with good vibes

Have you ever been in a very colourful room and then in a place with sober colours…? The energy of each of these rooms will be different. In one you can feel full of energy and in the other you can feel a wave of appeasement or boredom invading you….. The shapes also have the same effect on us…

Have you decided to redecorate your room?  We give you some tips to choose the right colour for a quiet room but without leaving the colour aside! That said, we take a look at the pastel colours that will soothe the atmosphere of a bedroom while keeping an impression of space…

4 atmospheres for a soothing but colourful bedroom!

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1. Zen atmosphere : mix of green and natural colours

Anti-stress and organic colour, green is the colour that promotes good sleep… We opt for a light green combined with a little blue to give a water green… (No wonder we chose this colour for our logo ;)).
Combined with natural wood elements, this substil blend will bring softness to your room while giving it a unique atmosphere.
Colour goes everywhere, it adapts easily with pale pink or grey, but also in a decoration as feminine as masculine!

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2. Feng shui atmosphere with pale pink

Delicate and soothing pink in its warm, pale, powdery or aged variations will give a side conducive to reverie. Combined with light grey or cream for a cosy effect. Colour that puts you in a good mood, when you wake up to count on her to put you in a good mood in the morning!

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3. Natural and gentle atmosphere for a deep sleep

A palette that goes from beige, to white to cream, will give a soft and spacious side to your bedroom. Combine natural materials such as wicker, mats, natural wood furniture…
Everything to make your room a cosy nest where it is nice to sleep.

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4. A blue dream ambiance

The colour of wide open spaces, blue invites you to escape and relax. Light blue, turquoise or pale… all its shades are all variations that can be found in your room in association with neutral tones such as white or light grey depending on the brightness of the bedroom.

And if you prefer colour in your bed rather than on your walls… Our collection of 100% organic and Fairtrade cotton bed linen has 6 timeless colours that will allow you to spend beautiful nights!
For any advice, information, do not hesitate to contact us, our customer room service is made for that!

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