Meet the team #9

Meet the team #9

Kalani is a small team of motivated people who believe that changing things and ways of producing and consuming is possible. So who are the people working to make this project possible? Our “Meet the team #9”, is dedicated to Gwen.

Gwen is a young woman full of energy, happiness and passionate about sustainability, well being and yoga. With Gwen it’s also a kind of love story…

She was there since the start. She is the little hands behind the scene helping for every photo shoot… Sometimes making some gift packages sometimes being the hands, feet in bed,… sometimes helping finding ideas and set designing with Audrey.
From 2019 she has been upgraded to the level of Kalani’s real life model ;)… and as a social media communication expert she’s also little by little helping us with our social media management! So she can continue focusing on giving her yoga classes and working for sustainable projects.

So let’s discover Gwen!

1. Who are you and what are you doing for Kalani?
Hi! I’m a crazy curious girl always looking for new challenges! Bruno, Audrey and I worked together few years ago for a sustainable clothing brand. That’s where I discovered the textile supply chain, the CSR and sustainability topics. I learned a lot from Bruno and Audrey and I’m so grateful to still be close to them. For Kalani, I help on the shooting sets and for blog articles and social media posts.

2. Why did you choose to help on working on some of Kalani’s projects?
I didn’t choose anything haha! They asked me if I would be interested to help them for the shootings and I didn’t take more than 1 second to answer YESSSSSSSS! The three of us being a team again for a moment? Oh yeah

3. What do you like most about the Kalani project?
If they would have asked my help for any project I would have said yes, but Kalani is a brand I particularly love. The family spirit behind it, the respect of the people contributing to the products making, the ecological part, the quality of the bed sheets. Everything is gathered to make it a success in a world of changes.

4. How do you see Kalani in a few years?
Growing and growing, touching more and more people who decide to shop differently and more respectfully.

5. What are your favourite bedsheets ?
The cotton sateen in stone grey. When I do the washing, I dry it and put it back straight away! Love it

6. If you had to describe Kalani in one word, which one would it be?

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