The Hygge: the Danish art of living that makes you happy!

The Hygge: the Danish art of living that makes you happy!


The Hygge: the happy art of living ! Studies show that Denmark is one of the happiest nations in the world, but what is its secret? Well, it’s as simple as that; Danes are followers of Hygge, an extraordinary philosophy of life that consists of seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Enjoying the little things in life




Spending a cocooning evening with friends in a warm blanket is Hygge; a rainy afternoon watching a movie under a cozy duvet or a nice bubble bath is Hygge too!Hygge is a call for relaxation and well-being. Whether in the kitchen, in the decoration or in the way of life, this way of life allows you to find constant well-being in every little daily gesture. Turn off your mobile phone and its incessant notifications, put on a comfortable outfit and relax, take care of yourself, your children or your partner and forget about stress. Your friends and family have an important place in the search for happiness through simple and essential pleasures, the Hygge invites you to privilege relationships with those close to you.


The softness of the atmosphere

A warm, soft and comfortable atmosphere is the key to entering the Hygge, which will bring conviviality to your home. The materials are authentic and textured, the colours are soft, the soft cushions are waiting for you on the sofa, the plaid and the candles warm it all up.

The Hygge: the happy art of living, but not only… Well at Kalani, we also wish to make you happier! We also want to help you to adopt the Hygge, to feel at home and to participate in your well-being, all in an ethical and respectful way.

Bed linen is a must for a Hygge room. Our Cotton Sateen duvet covers come in a variety of soft colours for a cosy atmosphere and optimum comfort, or the Premium Jersey duvet covers which are pure happiness and guarantee an unforgettable sensory experience. Combine them with our cotton twisted plaid to spend warm moments in front of your favourite series or while reading your favourite book. From now on, your evenings will be all about comfort and relaxation.

Bringing warmth to your home, the candles are the beaba of a Hygge interior. Our duo of cotton flower scented candles will gently illuminate your evenings by bringing a note of freshness thanks to its perfume. Our candles are 100% Brussels, vegetable and eco-responsible.


What’s great about this art of living is that it’s open to everyone. It is based on the simplest gestures of daily life, everyone has access to it regardless of their current lifestyle. And you, tell us all about it! Did you know this philosophy? Do you have other ideas to make your daily life Hygge? Do not hesitate to check the other articles!