5 ideas for spending Valentine’s Day in bed

5 ideas for spending Valentine’s Day in bed

Want to spend a different Valentine’s Day this year? Given the current circumstances, you’ll have to compete in creativity to make this day of love, a day a little different from the others. That’s why we’ve come up with 5 ideas for spending Valentine’s Day in bed in a slightly different way.

1.The greedy idea :

Saint-Valentin déjeuner lit

Can’t make it to the restaurant? No problem! Let the restaurant come to your room and organise a meal in bed for just the two of you. Most restaurants are open for take-away or delivery, so why not order a nice menu from a local caterer. If you’re more of an organic food lover and like Belgian products then opt for a meal from eFarmz! They offer you 100% Belgian and organic discovery boxes, so you can cook your meal as a lover. For Brussels residents, Brusselskitchen offers a myriad of restaurant ideas for delivery and menus for 2. What could be better than an evening out for two, a meal in your favourite restaurant and a cosy, soft plaid? We’ve got a crush.

2.The intellectual idea :

scrabble love It’s time to revisit your basic board games. Make yourself comfortable with your game board in your bed. Here are 2 ideas, one wise and one a little less 😉

The wise option: A scrabble in Lover mode! You will be able to use words that revolve around love and the history of the couple. The place where you met, the month, the wedding, the names of the children, witnesses if there was a wedding, plans for the future… it’s infinite. But it allows you to remember lots of beautiful moments or even to slip in ideas for future plans…so romantic!

The less wise option: play naughty board games, turn your classic or more fun card game like UNO for example, into a penalty series for the loser.

3.The lazy idea :

lit ordinateur

Don’t feel like doing much? Then why not sleep in and watch Netflix series or films in love in Premium Jersey sheets for a day of cocooning. It’s time to discover the current series everyone’s talking about, such as : Lupin if you like action and suspense. If you rather like dramatic and timeless series, we recommend Le jeu de la dame, a mini-series that gets you hooked from the very first episode. Otherwise, totally in the theme of love : The Bridgerton Chronicle. If you are not too serial then opt for a classic, a romantic film such as Ps: I love you, le temps d’un automne, love actually etc.

4.The romantic idea :

Saint-Valentin couple lit

Do you want to do the whole thing all the same and impress your Valentine? Bring back champagne (organic), chocolate (Fairtrade of course) and other things that please you and offer as a bonus, a small DIY gift to your half. If you want to feel like in a hotel and get away for even one day without getting out of bed then organize your surprise using percale sheets. A way to travel while staying at home.

5.The naughty idea:

Saint-Valentin couple lit

What if we took advantage of this day to feel like in Fifty Shades of Grey or 365 Days, and try some new positions of the Kama Sutra or experiment new things thanks to the book “Jouissance Club” by the instagrammer June Pla, which is a cartography of pleasure? What’s more, to enhance this experience nothing better than cotton sateen sheets, especially in anthracite colour, so chic and elegant.

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