SLEEP TIPZZZ #5: What the positions say about you or your couple!

SLEEP TIPZZZ #5: What the positions say about you or your couple!

Did you know that the position in which you fall asleep can reveal your emotional state? Depending on the day you’ve had (whether you’re bothered or just happy), you’ll know which position you’ll feel best in at night – lying on your side, on your back, or curled up. So in this month dedicated to love, we’ve done our little research to tell you what it means when you both fall asleep!

We haven’t found any real scientific study to prove any of this, but it seems to say that some of the positions do have real meaning. Feel free to tell us how you fall asleep and if you find yourself in this article!


Even though each couple has their favourite position for falling asleep, it’s not often that they fall into Morpheus’ arms every night in the same position – cuddled, on either side of the bed, spooned, back to back… For each position has its own meaning. Your emotions, mixed with those of your partner, your respective characters and the quality of your relationship, will influence the position in which you will both feel best when you lie down.
Discover some of the couple’s favourite sleeping positions, some of the most common… Find yours and you may be able to understand how you feel.

Kalani Positions dodo-3


The head rests on his companion’s shoulder.
The partners need to touch each other as much as possible. The more they hug each other, the better they’ll feel. This big hug produces oxytocin, reassures and has a beneficial effect on the body.

Kalani Positions dodo-4


One of them comes to snuggle up against his better half’s back. This position reveals a perfectly balanced couple relationship and gives a feeling of.

Kalani Positions dodo-2


Considered the most romantic position, this position shows the complicity between you and is an unconscious way to keep an eye on your partner.

Kalani Positions dodo-1


Each one sleeps on his own but keeps in touch, as if one was an extension of the other. This gesture is meant to be reassuring and is a sign of security for the couple, who do not want to let go, even at night.

Kalani Positions dodo-5


This position is apparently the favorite position for the night… but not for falling asleep. This position could indicate a disagreement between partners, or a need for privacy. If this happens to you, try to understand why! Maybe the other partner just wants to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Did you find yourself in one or more of these positions? Now all you have to do is go back to your bed and your lover(s) and tell them how much you love them, no matter what position you fall asleep in ♥

And if you want to sleep even better: here are a few tips to follow that you won’t be able to do without:

  • A comfortable bed, big enough for both of you so that whatever your mood, you can find your way around in it
  • A great partner (not too restless if possible) who respects the way you want to sleep
  • An early start to bed (hours count double before midnight, but you already knew that)
  • And nice, soft sheets Kalani, of course!

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