Meet the team #6

Meet the team #6

Kalani is a small team of motivated people who believe that changing things and ways of producing and consuming is possible. So who are the people working to make this project possible? Our “Meet the team #6”, is dedicated to Fabienne, Lavinia & Maxime.

For this end-of-year Meet the team, we meet the whole family of Bruno, Kalani’s founder.

First of all because when you create a stratup, you never really create it alone. It’s important to feel supported and surrounded. Very often, starting a business is not easy… and yet… And when the whole family carries the project, supports the commitment and understands the process, then it’s obviously also part of the adventure!

Fabienne, What was your reaction when Bruno told you about his desire to create his own company and his project?

Bruno is an adventurer, before starting his professional career he was an entrepreneur at heart, which allowed us to carry out a whole series of magnificent projects. He always takes us on some pretty big adventures. On a professional level, he had great experiences as an employee, but I knew that one day he would start his own brand. He had his project in mind for a while, the opportunity to create it came naturally! I was very happy for him that he made it happen.

What does it mean to have a husband who is a start-up entrepreneur ?

In normal times, he works really a lot. During the end of the year season, he doesn’t sleep anymore! But this is common in most of start-ups, a lot of investment!
This means less availability on his part for the family but also during the holidays when he has to continue to follow the daily work. But he tries to coordinate all this with the best possible family balance!
I’m super proud of him, it’s a huge investment at every level.

What are Bruno’s qualities?

Perfectionism with a huge “P”!
But also his commitment, his honesty, his sensitivity at all levels, and his vision. Not much to review except its typos mistakes 😉

What are the best moments shared since the beginning of the adventure?

The launch of the e-shop, I still see exactly where we were, his emotion and excitement when the first orders arrived. The orders that were coming from all over Europe, the super satisfied feedback from customers and the great moments of sharing and meeting people since the beginning of the adventure!

Are there any more difficult moments? And how do you overcome it?

Of course, it is not always easy to have a husband who is not always present, but when you see the heart he puts into it, you can’t blame him. The super positive feedback from customers confirms it.
But also the moment of renegotiating of the bank credit lines, each time his project is supported and encouraged, it is therefore very motivating!

Do you have an anecdote to tell?

The presence, beginning 2017, at the very first sales event, was a disaster. Where instead of selling the sheets we found ourselves in a kind of wrongly targeted commercial fair with all kind of food around. We eat well, the people around us took good care of our well-being, and after the disappointment of devoting a weekend of work without any return, the second degree took over and the lot of laughs animated till the end of the event! Kind of necessary experience I suppose …

I mean, how do you see Kalani in five years?

Many development ideas and considering his investment I am sure he will succeed but I leave you the surprise as you go along!

And above all… what are your favorite sheets? Which colour and fabric?

Jerseys and no preference on colour, especially by this cold. It’s already difficult to get out of bed but with these sheets, it becomes an impossible mission!

Can you give me a word to summarize?


Maxime and Lavinia:How does it feel to have a dad who starts a company?

Lavinia: I am very proud of him, I sincerely hope that he will arrive where he wants.
Maxime: it’s great because we know the company since it was born, it’s like a baby and we want it to flourish as much as possible. But as he has just started, he has to work a lot and as a result we don’t see him enough.

Do you sometimes help him? Do you give him any advice?

Lavinia: Yes, I sometimes help him to put the cards in the bags or stickers on the cards but I don’t give him any advice.
Maxime: I will help him when he can pay me:-) No, I’m kidding, I still help him from time to time. It was also nice to help him finding the name of the brand.

What do you think is the best part of your dad’s job?

Lavinia: It’s nice to have beautiful and comfortable sheets, but also made with organic cotton by people who are well treated.
Maxime: It’s a brand that respects people, organic and Fairtrade. We know that he does this for his own pleasure and for the pleasure of others and not only for money. I love audiovisual, it was also great to be able to participate in his photo-shooting.

What do you like most about Kalani?

Lavinia: It’s to be able to sleep in so comfortable sheets and to visit him from time to time at sales events.
Maxime: I really like going to the small sales events where Dad returns every year, where we have met many great people. And it’s great to sleep every night in super soft sheets, I became used to sleep in luxury and 5* sheets!

Would you also like to have your own business one day?

Lavinia: I want to be a veterinarian later and don’t know yet if I will create my own company.
Maxime: I obviously do, because I like to have my freedom and do what I want. I will wait before I get the level but as soon as I get it I hope to have my own company.

How do you see the company in a few years’ time?

Lavinia: I hope it will be a large company that will work well.
Maxime: difficult to answer but if everyone experience his bed sheets it will be a big success because once you try it, you don’t want to sleep in any other sheets.

What sheets and what colour do you sleep in?

Lavinia: snow white premium jersey, and lace trim snow white cotton sateen and my favorite is jersey
Maxime: light grey melange premium jersey, and anthracite cotton sateen and my favorite is jersey

Can you give a word (each of you) that describes Kalani?

Lavinia: Cocoon
Maxime: Company of Heart

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