Meet the team #4

Meet the team #4

Kalani is a small team of motivated people who believe that changing things and ways of producing and consuming is possible.
So who are the people working to make this project possible? For our fourth “Meet the team”, Let’s meet Tom Web Architect (Cerebrum).

Tom is a geek with a great sense of human. He gives technical advice when needed. He has a huge experience in e-commerce as front-end developer and web-architect

He also has a good knowledge about user experience, and what it is to be a startup. So he is a huge help for Kalani. His baseline tells everything that is part of our values… “Organic input / Digital output”. So this was a perfect match for us to develop our Blog.

Let’s meet Tom (Cerebrum) a bit more in detail… Without forgetting his geek style which is straight to the point. Nothing more, nothing less. Just the essential ! 😉

1. Who are you and what are you doing for Kalani?

Hi, I’m Tom, entrepreneur, thinker and developer at Cerebrum. I like music and culture. At Cerebrum we create and maintain the Kalani Blog.

2. Why did you choose to help on working on some of Kalani’s projects?

I have a background in a once large e-commerce company where politics, money and bad management were normal.
The idea of participating to create a blog with information about ecological and ethical textile, tips and collaborations in this domain and thus trying to create a community for a business with a clear vision about the environment and ethics was, and still is a refreshing choice I’ve made.

3. What do you like most about the Kalani project?

Because there’s lot to like, let’s answer that question wisely and put a smile on Bruno’s face: The product, in the end it’s the most important.

4. How do you see Kalani in a few years?

I’m pretty confident that there’s a bright future for Kalani. It’s only a matter of time for the brand to grow and get known.

5. What are your favourite bedsheets ?

It depends on the season. On summer nights, if not too hot like this year, I like the satin sheets. They’re incredibly light and soft.
In the winter I like the jersey-ones which are fluffy and warm. Be careful as they’re that comfortable they keep you in bed like forever…

6. If you had to describe Kalani in one word, which one would it be?


Thanks for this interview… so now people know a bit more about who is behind our beautiful blog ! 🙂

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