Furoshiki – Zero waste gift wrapping or how to reuse old bed sheets

Furoshiki – Zero waste gift wrapping or how to reuse old bed sheets

We all have old fabrics of all kinds in our attic that we no longer know what to do with. Whether it is sheets recovered from our parents, old pillowcases or old scarves,… The fabric accumulates and it is not always that easy to recycle it yourself…

New Kalani sheet sets are now dressing your rooms and like us, you all feel the guilt of getting rid of what is no longer appropriate. That little voice that also whispers “it can still be used”.

So, we thought about sharing with you a solution that will not only be pretty but will also save you money, space in your closets and reduce your waste. The Furoshiki method, or how to make pretty gift wrappings with fabric! A recuperative idea that will soon be more than trendy!


The time for gifts has come!

Oh oh oh oh, the end-of-year festivities are coming up fast. So many good opportunities to offer gifts! The magic of Christmas is at work and our desire to please is there. Whatever gift we offer – of course second-hand, eco-responsible, sustainable or simply because we like it 😉 – the question of packaging arises?!

Yes but… This pretty paper, used just for a few hours, carefully chosen and quickly thrown into the fire or wastepaper basket, without appreciating the patterns. There are some who nevertheless enjoy reusing them (but be careful not to fold them, or to the sticky paper that tears off part of the paper…). A much simpler and nicer solution is now available to us: the Furoshiki method, a recuperative idea that allows us to further customize our gift, by reusing our old fabrics! A fun, ecological and well thought out way to bring your eco-touch to our gifts.

What is Furoshiki?

Inspired by Japanese tradition, Furoshiki is a way to fold and tie fabric to transport or wrap everyday objects or gifts. Historically, it is said to have been used to transport valuables. Thereafter, to pack clothes at the public baths.

To make it easier, after the arrival of the plastic bag, the Furoshiki finally lost its usefulness.

In an eco-responsible approach, it is now back in the spotlight both in Japan* and around the world.  The paper then becomes old-fashioned and the Furoshiki fashionable!

It’s decided, I’m going to Furoshiki, and how?

Following precise and not too complicated knotting and folding techniques, the Furoshiki is within reach of anyone with a notched chisel and scraps of fabric. Zou! In the attic and we take out the flowered and coloured fabrics, or plain for more minimalist packaging. No need for a sewing machine or a sewing specialist, as these scissors prevent fabrics from fraying.

In summary, here are some of the conditions to be respected according to our practices:

  • Gathering fabrics to be cut
  • Buy a pair of zig zag cutting scissors
  • Cut our fabrics into squares, and between 35-40 and 120cm
  • Follow the proposed techniques of the Japanese Ministry of the Environment* which has just published an article on Furoshiki folding methods
  • Or watch some cool tutorials for your Furoshiki, such as the one on Eco Conso
  • Add a personal touch, a branch of holly, fir, pine, eucalyptus leaves and you’re done!

© Furoshiki Eco-concept

Infinitely reusable

The Furoshiki is an integral part of our gift! Nice idea, to share your creations and use it again for a new gift. The square of fabric (from your old sheets) will therefore be offered to infinity and will, who knows, make new fans of Furoshiki!

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