First Belgian Organic & Ethical bed linen brand

First Belgian Organic & Ethical bed linen brand

A few weeks ago, Kalani was cited in a selection of Belgian brands by the Belgian ELLE magazine for an article titled “The Organic Generation”.

At this meeting organised by the magazine itself, we had the opportunity of making acquaintances with 11 other brands in the fields of food, clothing and fashion. All of which are currently evolving rather fast but with a competition fiercer than ever before and rapid consumption habits which are still very much ingrained in most consumers. Yet, one thing is certain: we have all undertaken a project dear to our hearts.

A pride, but more especially a set of values.

Today, we can be quite proud to say that Kalani is the first Belgian brand of organic, ethical and premium quality bed linen. When we met with other entrepreneurs who share the same values as us, we noticed that the organic and ethical approach is far from easy as we are often confronted with consumers who prefer to “pay less”, at the expense of their health, well-being and even the planet.

We’re proud as we don’t ride the marketing wave but we however do it with all our heart and soul as well as with our deepest convictions, which allows us to stay on track and not become disheartened by the obstacles and other difficulties we can sometimes encounter. We’re also proud as being a pioneer in one’s field and country has its perk but also its inconveniences. These inconveniences teach us more about ourselves, confirm we’ve made the right choice and continuously force us to question ourselves. We are never stuck in our comfort zone (with the only exception that comfort can be found in our bed… which is no longer a luxury thanks to Kalani ;-)).

We share values, such as respect, mutual assistance and collaboration. Indeed, for taking the plunge as an entrepreneur and launching one’s business (especially in Belgium), often implies sacrifice and risk-taking. So, we help each other, discover common passions, share our experiences to make us all stronger and instead of competing against each other, we prefer to simply encourage one another.

Successful partnerships.

We have also decided to mention brands which believe and actually act for a more just, equitable and safe world. Given well-being isn’t only about finding happiness, but is also about eating right, sleeping well and dressing nicely, we intend to highlight a product, brand or service every two weeks to inspire and help you make the best choice in terms of a sustainable lifestyle. The following brands are among those we thought matched our requirements: GenerousIROTurtlePipaillon – La ConserverieBelvasSeconde NatureBonjour mauriceCOS I SAID SOSoseveBee Nature, Supersec.

If you have any questions or remarks, or would like to take part in our project and community, please do not hesitate to leave us a message. We’d be delighted to contact you. With this…

Have a great day and a good night’s sleep!

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