100% Ethical and Fairtrade certified: How does one go beyond the requirements?

100% Ethical and Fairtrade certified: How does one go beyond the requirements?

How does one go beyond the requirements?

Requirements beyond organic. We spare no effort in being ethical. Kalani has gone even further in terms of the requirements it set for itself. Indeed, Kalani uses 100% organic GOTS certified and 100% fairtrade FLO-CERT certified cotton, so as to guarantee organic cotton farmers a “premium” price, calculated by Fairtrade International as the correct price, regardless of the cotton exchange rate fluctuations.

For Kalani, only certifying its products and supply chain isn’t sufficient. Thanks to a field experience of more than 18 years, we know first-hand that certifications are not always enough. One must also carry out an on-site inspection.

Having small and average-sized brands unite to buy cotton together from co-ops, which also ensures the sustainable growth of these cooperatives, is a big step. Kalani

has decided to join forces with a coalition of small and average-sized European, American and Japanese brands, in order to buy organic and Fairtrade cotton directly from an organic cotton cooperative, one of the most respectful and honest cooperatives in the world. This cotton cooperative is located in the heart of India and Kalani’s cotton originates from small well identified villages in the provinces of Odisa and Talangana. This way, we are guaranteed to have a faultless transparency and traceability, which very few textile brands are nowadays capable of claiming and proving. For this, it’s necessary to take the time to involve yourself fully and accept paying more than others.

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