SLAAP TIPZZZ #6 : 5 tips om in topvorm wakker te worden

SLAAP TIPZZZ #6 : 5 tips om in topvorm wakker te worden

The days get longer, the birds sing at first light, a ray of light shines on your face when you wake up, spring is slowly showing up and brightens your days more and more. However, your nights are always too short and if you could switch off the alarm clock (which always rings too early) ten times, you would do it well?
On my side, I often tell myself that I should have gone to sleep earlier the night before and that my night would have been much more pleasant, if I had slept a little longer 🙂

After some research, here are 5 pieces of advice, which we suggest you follow, for an awakening in top shape, for these first days of Spring.


Studies recommend an average of 8 hours of sleep per adult per night (which may vary slightly with age). Some would need 9 hours, while others would need 7 hours. Below this level, the risk of drowsiness may occur during the day.
So respect and listen to your body. If your body is well rested, it will have no trouble waking up! We talked about it right here!


Trying to open your eyes always at the same time, from Monday to Sunday, is not an easy thing to do, because you probably think you can recover from the lack of sleep during the week on weekends.
The body likes routine and morning sleep tends to disrupt the biological clock. As a result, you tend to be even more tired after sleeping in.


Those who like to laze around or think they still have a little time before getting up are tempted to press the “snooze” button on the alarm clock or “reminder” button on the phone (however not recommended in a bedroom), so that the alarm sounds 10 minutes later.
Yet, according to sleep expert Neil Robinson of The Independent site, “By falling asleep for a few extra minutes, we prepare our bodies for a new sleep cycle that is then quickly interrupted, causing a feeling of fatigue that lasts all day. So get up straight away or change your alarm time!


Create a little relaxation before you get up. Stretching your limbs one by one, for a few minutes, will allow you to relax and start the day positively.
Start with your arms, legs, back and then your neck. Use this time to think about what’s positive to look forward to as soon as you get out of bed, and what will give you the energy to start the day.


Open the curtains and let the light and sunlight (if any) into your bedroom, bathroom, dining room or kitchen as quickly as possible.
There are many positive effects of light, besides the fact that your biological clock is ticking and every cell in your body is getting a dose of vital energy to start the day.

If you’ve followed these 5 waking up tips and it’s still difficult to get up in the morning, it’s because you may not yet be sleeping in soft Kalani bed sheets, which help you to have a restful sleep throughout the night 🙂

Link and inspiration (french): SANTE MAGAZINE

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