Wat is de “witte maand” ?

Wat is de “witte maand” ?

January, month of white sales… in an organic and ethical version!

Did you know that January was also called Month of White Sales? But why? Where this is coming from? We explain everything in this article.
We also explain how we participate to this Month of White Sales. As white is our speciality, we decided to “revisit” the concept, obviously in an ecological and ethical way! 🙂

January, month of white sales, what is it?

Historically, the white month dates back to the 19th century. It is a marketing invention (and yes already…) that comes from France (this time it is not from the USA). The displays of the stores intended for Christmas and New Year decorations were replaced by bargains. This action, which aimed to attract customers with promotions to renew their initially white home linen (sheets, duvets, pillows, towels, tablecloths, etc….), lasted only one week and then extended to the whole month. The month of white sales is therefore at the origin of the January month of sales and the Sales by its very nature.

At Kalani; fair prices all year round

In 2016, we embarked on the adventure of high-quality, sustainable and durable bed linen at an affordable price. We had not realized the importance of this “month of white sales”.

We’re in a lot of trouble! 😉 How can we make you enjoy this month when we have decided to offer fair prices all year round and we don’t actually have sales?

This does not mean that we are against the concept of sales because traditional stores that sell other brand’s products all year round obviously need sales to sell unsold items from old collections to make room for new ones. And if consumers can benefit from more affordable prices for the products they need, why not. As long as purchases remain conscious and as long as we do not push for over-consumption, of course!

That said, Kalani is against selling more expensive all year round on purpose to be able to afford to have Sales or Promotions at certain times. Indeed, we are against the principle of Sales and Promotions planned by certain brands. We have therefore decided to work differently, by offering timeless products at fair prices all year round, whose collections do not need to be renewed every 6 months, so we do not need to sell unsold stocks either. Because we produce what we need to sell, no more and no less.

The price transparency scheme on our website explains how you spend each of your euros when you buy Kalani bed linen and the difference compared to other brands of equivalent quality sold in traditional boutiques.

That being said, we often offer a small percentage during the sales to make a gift during this month and make you happy. In fact, many of you are taking advantage of it.

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