SLAAP TIPZZZ #8 : Hoe kan je beter slapen bij warm weer?

SLAAP TIPZZZ #8 : Hoe kan je beter slapen bij warm weer?

Many things can disturb our sleep and prevent us from having a good night’s restorative sleep: a late cup of coffee, an evening of binge watching, or your partner pulling your whole duvet… But a night in a heat wave is the worst for many of us; we turn around and sweat, nothing could be more unpleasant! So here are a few tips we’ve selected for you to help you get a good night’s sleep… even under 29°C.

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Eat light in the evening

Don’t make it harder on your body by making digestion long and difficult. Forget about grilling, frying and cheese platters. A light meal consisting of a salad, raw vegetables or fruit and your body will say thank you!


Don’t let the sunshine in.

If it is warmer outside than inside, keep the heat out and close shutters, windows and blinds during the day. The fresh air will stay inside, but remember to air out your room before going to bed when it is cooler, i.e. in the evening or early evening. If you have a fan, don’t hesitate to turn it on to circulate the air more quickly.


Choose suitable bed sheets

In hot weather, there’s nothing like cotton sheets, and at Kalani, all our bed linen is 100% cotton for a good night’s sleep in any situation, if that’s not beautiful? Above all, avoid synthetic materials, which will make you sweat and prevent air from circulating. Opt for cotton percale, there’s nothing like getting into sheets that feel fresh.

You can also put your pillowcase in the fridge during the day, or spray your sheets with a little water to refresh them.

Moisturize again and again

Help your body maintain a temperature of 37°C. There’s only one solution: hydration, even at night! So as not to disturb your sleep if you wake up, have a large glass of water or a flask on your bedside table, this will prevent you from waking up.

Refresh your body

A lukewarm (but not icy) shower before going to sleep will prolong the feeling of coolness. You may not even want to dry yourself completely or put your damp towel in bed to prolong the effect. Wear something light, comfortable and loose fitting before you slip into your cool sheets. If the heat persists, put a damp cloth on your forehead or even your feet, as it cools the extremities of the body, allowing a general cooling.

Last little piece of advice… Also avoid switching on your electronic devices in order to reduce energy and heat input 😉

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Tell us everything; have you already adopted these techniques? Do you have any other tips to help you sleep better in hot weather? Explain us in comments!