Kalani products are made from 100% organic cotton, produced and certified in compliance with the standards of biological agriculture. Its production preserves soil health, ecosystems and people by using natural production procedures. Most importantly, the process avoids the use of toxic chemicals (pesticides, insecticides, fertilizer) and GMOs. Rather, this method of farming combines tradition, innovation and science for the benefit of a protected environment and guarantees a good quality of life for all people involved.


Source:, Textile Exchange

Quality without compromise

Before starting this project, we searched for factories which correspond to our quality criteria and our environmental and social approach. We found ideal partners in India.

The factories we work with produce different types of bed linen with one thing in common: ‘the pursuit of excellence’ (see our section ‘Our factories’) They choose the best cotton, only use long staple cotton fibres in order to ensure quality over time and are able to weave and knit fine and high quality fabrics. Each piece is carefully checked by hand.

The owners are engaged in the supply chain of Fairtrade and GOTS organic cotton (see our section ‘Our certifications’) from the fields of farming cooperatives to their factories, and monitor each stage by following a rigorous procedure. Kalani has put in place a quality control system by participating in the selection of cotton while being in direct contact with organic cotton cooperatives, and by applying strict quality procedures, monitored by experts.

Our certifications

We are convinced that it is our actions which best show our approach to sustainable development, and we absolutely do not want to ‘hide’ behind certification labels. Nevertheless, the certifications establish integrity which is verified by third parties and we believe that such monitoring is always necessary.

Our factories

The bed linen factory

  • Location : this factory is located in the province of West Bengal in northern India. We started working together at the beginning of 2016.
  • Selection : founded in 1934, it was one of the first Indian factories to have been certified as ‘GOTS organic cotton’ almost 15 years ago. All of its clients are sustainable brands from all over the world which only buy certified organic products from them. The factory is also Fairtrade and SA8000 certified. This factory is also notable for the fact that 10% of it belongs to a cooperative of organic cotton farmers.
  • Speciality : this factory produces different types of bed linen with the best cotton, weaving and knitting fine and high quality fabrics, of which every piece is checked by hand. This is unlike other factories, which use automatic machines to standardise and reduce costs, neglect the finishing and do not have the means to detect faults in the fabric.
  • Workers : 188 workers, both men and women, have worked here for a number of years in mutual respect.

The throws/blankets factory

  • Location : this factory is located in the province of Uttar Pradesh in northern India. We started working together in mid-2016.
  • Selection : founded in 2010, this factory specialises in sponges, plaids and sweaters. Their clients are mainly sustainable brands which only buy certified organic products from them. The factory is organic cotton GOTS, Fairtrade and SA8000 certified.
  • Speciality : it is the quality of their flat knitting, ideal for our plaids, which attracted us.
  • Workers : 212 workers, both men and women, work here in an environment of respect.