The fabrics

Kalani’s bed linen products are available in 4 different fabrics, all of them exceptional and providing different sensory experiences.

  • 6_SATEEN.png

    Cotton Sateen is a must-have, the ultimate luxury, the softest and warmest quality of fabric, without being hot. Satin is a supple, slightly glossy fabric on the front side before first washing and dull on the reverse side, soft and beautifully draped. In satin cotton, one of the threads overlaps 4 perpendicular threads before passing under a thread and starting again. Overlapping many threads brings the radiance and softness so characteristic of satin. Satin cotton ensures outstanding ease of care (notably ironing) and long lifespan, the weaving is both dense and tight: our satin has a thread count of 300 threads/inch2 (118 threads/cm2)*. Contrary to misconceptions, satin cotton does not slide, screech, is not cold and can be ironed very easily. Of course, viscose satin and polyester which is sold at a low price by the mass market since the 70s have nothing in common.

  • 7_PERCALE.png

    Cotton percale, which represents hotel quality, is an alternative to satin cotton. It is a very fine cotton fabric of a superior quality. The warp threads and the weft threads overlap as simply as possible: the weft thread passes over, then under the warp thread, one after the other. Percale is costly to weave, but very robust and resistant. It is smooth to the touch, soft and brings a sensation of freshness. It enables you to achieve two different looks: ironed, it gives a clean, hotel look while non-ironed it takes on an exquisite appearance of being natural and creased. Our percale has a thread count of 300threads/inch2 (thus 118threads.cm2)* and the dense and tight weaving ensures long-lasting bed linen. 

  • 8_JERSEY.png

    The Premium Jersey is an innovative quality, soft and fun. It is widely used for fitted sheets, in a whole range of grades, but rarely for duvet covers. The Jersey Premium, supple and warm, makes you feel like you are sleeping in your favourite T-shirt! Its durability depends on its care, just like for a T-shirt...

  • 9_THROW.png

    Flat Cable Knit of timeless quality, very soft, textured, warm and discretely designed, is used for our plaids. It compliments both classical and modern interiors.

We have decided to work with fabrics woven at 300tc (300 thread count = 300 threads woven per square inch, which corresponds to 118 threads/cm2), which offers the best ratio of longevity to luxury.
Some brands on the market claim to offer 900tc or even 1200tc, but only work in single threads: they use several cabled ply threads to artificially calculate a higher number of threads per inch (or centimetre) squared. Do not therefore always rely on the number of threads given on the packaging.