Care guide


  • Always separate whites from colours and sort the laundry according to the washing temperatures shown on the labels.

  • Do not overfill your machine!

  • If you have bought matching items, always try to wash them together to avoid colour variations.

  • Cotton sateen and cotton percale sheets can be washed at 60°, even 95° from time to time, but we advise you to favour washing at 30 degrees for all sheets, which is just as effective as at higher temperatures. This protects the fabrics, the environment and... your wallet.

  • Favour washing inside-out (especially for the Premium Jersey).

  • In the event of a stain, act very quickly while respecting the instructions provided on the product’s label; remove the stain with an appropriate product before washing.


  • Dry the laundry immediately after washing and do not leave it in a damp ball in the drum of the machine.

  • Spread out and smooth the damp laundry to avoid any white marks.

  • Lay the flat knitted throws blankets out to dry on a flat surface, do not put them in the dryer!

  • In the dryer, use a gentle programme and quickly remove the laundry after the cycle.


  • Kalani products do not need to be ironed, however you can iron the reverse side of all items bearing imprints, embroidery and transfers.

  • Do not forget to regularly clean the soleplate of your iron.

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