Delivery times are between 2 and 10 days after the confirmation date of your order. These times are indicative and can be subject to change: in this case, we shall inform you straight away.

To your home, to your work, to your neighbours’... Get your package delivered where you want in Europe.
Deliveries outside Europe to countries belonging to European countries are not possible within the framework of European deliveries (For example: it is not possible to be delivered in Dop Tom by selecting France as the delivery country.
The Dom Tom are considered as countries outside Europe from a logistical and customs point of view.

Delivery outside Europe is also possible, but we would ask you to contact our customer service team prior to placing an order:

You will receive an email containing a tracking number when your order is dispatched.

Except in exceptional circumstances or in the event that one or several items are temporarily unavailable, the items ordered shall be delivered in one batch.

Deliveries are carried out by an independent transport company.

If a date of delivery is exceeded and is not justified by a case of force majeure, you can, after having instructed the seller to deliver, demand the cancellation of the sale under the conditions laid down in the Consumer Code and be reimbursed for the amounts paid at the sale.

COVID-19 situation : in uncertain times like this, we are reminded just how connected we are to each other. Our thoughts are with all who are feeling the impacts of COVID-19. Until today KALANI continue it’s operations, our warehouse is open and fully operational, we prepare your orders every working day with care and following the Government, Ministry of Health and OMS instructions to avoid contacts, guarantee enough physical distance between the 13 operators working in the 4000m2 warehouse, we wear masks and gloves and is nobody is sick. We have also temporary modify our packing procedure, we are not unpacking our products to recycled the plastic bags, until further notice, we are keeping each bed sheets product in their polybags for extra safety reason. The transporters taking care of the daily deliveries are still working with they are all instructed to secure our customer health with DELIVERIES WITHOUT CONTACT. However we ask you to indicate a delivery address where someone is present because in case of absence at the second passage, the parcels will be returned to our warehouse because the deposits in relay points are forbidden. You can therefore feel safe to order your favourite Bed sheets without to worry ! Your COMFORT AT HOME and your HEALTH SAFETY are our priorities !